ECOWISE Landcare Responds to California Water Emergency

ECOWISE Landcare Tapped by the Desert Water Agency for the installation of the Smart Irrigation Controllers.

Coachella Valley, CA, March 27, 2014 --( ECOWISE Landcare leads the way in design and installation of “smart” water management systems. The need for such systems in both commercial and residential properties is crucial in light of Governor Jerry Brown’s State of Emergency declaration due of the statewide drought. “We are mindful of both the current water emergency and the need to protect and conserve our precious water supply in normal conditions to ensure the availability of water for future generations,” said Steve Burt, President/CEO ECOWISE Landcare, “Our Water Management Division is determined to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and continually find ways to conserve and control costs.”

The Desert Water Agency contracts with ECOWISE Landcare for the installation of the Smart Irrigation Controllers. Katie Ruark, Desert Water Agency Public Information Officer states, “ECOWISE Landcare installs all of our Smart Irrigation Controllers. We constantly hear from our customers how knowledgeable and friendly Chris Fergon is and how easy he is to work with. It gives me great comfort to know that I can trust Chris to represent us in a professional and educated way. From my perspective, ECOWISE Landcare has always been quick to react to tasks and has been willing to take on new challenges we give them.”

According to Chris Fergon, Water Conservation Manager for ECOWISE Landcare, “With Smart Irrigation Controllers, it is possible for homeowners, HOAs and businesses to save water and money.”

The Coachella Valley presents a unique set of challenges- combining resort like landscapes with our desert environment. ECOWISE Landcare is sure to be mindful of tiered water pricing and conserving our precious resource. ECOWISE Landcare will design, install and maintain water management systems that will meet these challenges by monitoring weather conditions, irrigation schedules, and other changes then remotely adjusting the settings of the property to achieve the most efficient use of water.

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Located in La Quinta, California, ECOWISE LANDCARE is dedicated to a client-first philosophy, maintaining cost-effective landscaping and implementing green techniques to keep the Coachella Valley Landscape well groomed and maintained.
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