Local Entrepreneur Featured in New Mom Inventors Handbook, a Comprehensive Guide to the Modern Invention Process

Lil’ Cub Hub owner Heather Sonnenberg of Colorado Springs shares her story of entrepreneurial success in highly anticipated national book release. Heather invented the Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier - a compact diaper bag that converts into a sling-style baby carrier in just one zip. Either way it's worn, all of the essentials are accessible.

Colorado Springs, CO, March 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Heather Sonnenberg, owner of Lil’ Cub Hub - www.lilcubhub.com, is pleased to announce her inclusion in the national release of The Mom Inventors Handbook; How to Turn Your Great Idea Into the Next Big Thing (Expanded Second Edition), by Tamara Monosoff, best-selling author and Founder of Mom Inventors, Inc.

This definitive guide for product entrepreneurs is jam-packed with step-by-step advice on taking an idea to market - covering the latest, most innovative ways to create, fund, market, distribute and sell. Having created a product solution and effectively taken it to market, Heather Sonnenberg offers up personal resources and true insider tips on how others can do the same.

“The entrepreneurial experience is constantly evolving. With so many modern resources and tools available today, I’m thrilled to share my insights in Tamara’s new book and help others succeed,” said Heather.

“I’m excited to share my story about developing and launching my product, the Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier, a compact diaper bag that converts into a baby carrier in one zip, for parents and baby wearers. Thousands of entrepreneurs like Heather have successfully followed Monosoff's advice to entrepreneurial success. Now, this expanded second edition includes updated information on product research and patent searches, crowdfunding, microloans, angel investors, in-depth coverage of video marketing, alternative sales channels like Groupon and LivingSocial, and more.

"Nearly every aspect of the process of developing and launching a new product has changed in unimaginable ways since my first book launched nearly a decade ago," says author Tamara Monosoff. "From the boom of social media to new options in funding and creative ways to distribute products, it's truly a whole new world for entrepreneurs. I'm thrilled to update readers on the smart tools- and incredible new resources- to help them succeed today."

“There is no substitute for expert guidance and learning from the experiences shared by others,” said Sonnenberg.

The Mom Inventors Handbook; How to Turn Your Great Idea Into the Next Big Thing is available April 1, 2014.

About Heather Sonnenberg, Lil’ Cub Hub, Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier — www.lilcubhub.com

About Tamara Monosoff, Mom Invented®, Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing (second edition). www.TamaraMonosoff.com

For information and to schedule an interview, contact Heather Sonnenberg, heather@lilcubhub.com, 323-394-8994.
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Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier

Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier

This is a picture of the front cover of the package for the Cub Co-Z. It shows the features, as well as the convertibility from a diaper bag to a baby/toddler carrier.