Expanding Market Territory with a Bigger Fleet of Trucks, Granite Imports Adds Value in Its Distribution

Larger Fleet Allows Granite Imports to Economically Deliver More Granite Slabs to More States

Denver, CO, April 02, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Granite Imports, with a growing reputation throughout the Midwest for their hand selected granite materials from quarries all over the world, announced their new ability to distribute larger quantities of granite slabs to South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska, making shipping costs more economical to more remote cities throughout the Midwest territory.

“Larger trucks allows us to deliver twice the raw slabs of granite than previously,” said Austin Randall, Granite Imports President. “More slabs in a trip means the shipping costs per slab are reduced considerably.”

Shipping in smaller quantities to customers in more areas was previously cost prohibitive. The larger trucks now make delivery of more slabs to smaller towns in states adjacent to Colorado more feasible. Now with more slabs, customers as far as 500 miles away from Denver can source high quality stone products more economically.

Collectively, granite use for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial areas in rural areas throughout South Dakota, Wyoming, and all over Colorado are growing and make up a large contingent of hundreds of homeowners who desire granite slabs and tiles. However, Granite warehouses that are the caliper of Granite Imports are rare, leaving a market opportunity for a distributor who has the resources and quarry relationships to buy quality granite slabs by the container.

Distributing granite, especially in raw slabs, is a complicated and risky process. Raw slabs must be transported on their edge to handle the weight better and reduce the risk of cracking. Also, consumers don’t usually make a purchasing decision for high-end granite kitchen countertops on the basis of a picture. Instead, they want to determine the quality, and color features of the product before they spend thousands of dollars on a granite kitchen and they can now do that closer to home.

Another important reason Granite Imports made the move to a larger fleet was control over how the granite slabs are handled. “Serving as many customers in smaller markets as we do, we needed to have control over our own scheduling, trucks, drivers, and loaders to ensure timely delivery, safe product handling, and less breakage of slabs,” Randall said. “Raw granite slabs are heavy and fragile. We employ experienced drivers and loaders who know what they are doing to provide the level of quality control that we could never achieve with commercial freight carriers.”

Granite Imports learned this the hard way in the past using commercial carriers to move larger quantities. Several times the slabs were loaded incorrectly only to have dozens of slabs tip over during transport and shatter, costing the company tens of thousands of dollars.

Austin Randall explained his reason for such a capitol investment: “We have made a large investment in our shipping ability to achieve the highest level of customer service and quality stone to customers, and it doesn’t matter whether they use 100 granite slabs per year or 50. Now with larger trucks, we are able to create reliable granite shipping to all of Colorado as well as to Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.”

For further information regarding the company’s product offerings, please visit http://www.graniteimports.net/.

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