The Shirt Printer Helps Local Youths Overcome Rare Dental Disease

Local company builds website for Arlington Charity, prints shirts to help local cause

Arlington, TX, April 03, 2014 --( The Shirt Printer, an Arlington-based screen printing company, created the website,, and printed shirts at cost to help raise funds for the surgery of local Arlington youth Hannah Farris.

Hannah Farris, an otherwise normal and happy fourteen-year-old, suffers from Ectodermal Dysplasia, a rare medical condition that won't allow her to grow adult teeth. Surgery can provide adult teeth for Hannah, who currently has just her primary teeth. If Hannah were to lose her baby teeth before receiving surgery, though, her bone mass will atrophy, and would not be able to hold any new teeth.

For this reason, the earlier the surgery can take place, the better. The problem is that this life defining surgery costs a staggering $50,000. To make the situation more dire, dentures aren't an option due to Hannah's age and the developmental stage of her mouth. This would also affect the way that her facial structure develops.

Thankfully, a member of The Shirt Printer's team is also the vice president of the Arlington Business Connection, who banded together with Dr. Oppedisano and Dr. Drapper of Archpoint Dental Implants to help Hannah. On March 22, Hannah was joyfully surprised with the news that all the necessary resources were found for her. She will be receiving her surgery.

The Shirt Printer has used the remaining funds to help another Arlington youth, Matti Rooks. In addition to also suffering from a severe case of Ectodermal Dysplasia, Matti has a cleft palate, lack of tear ducts, missing fingers, and is hearing impaired. Matti is a remarkable girl -- not only does she courageously struggle against her health issues, but she speaks out against bullying after suffering from it at her own school. The Shirt Printer is happy to support someone like Matti.

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