Innovative WrapCovers™ from bluemedia Transform Unsightly Protective Posts Into Pure Profit

bluemedia is proud to announce the launch of their innovative WrapCovers™ line of products. Ideal for quick service and fast casual restaurants, or any business which requires the use of bollards, WrapCovers transform these unsightly concrete posts into eye-catching advertising at the point of sale.

Tempe, AZ, April 04, 2014 --( bluemedia, an industry-leading provider of design, printing and fabrication for use in vehicle, large format and environmental graphic applications, is proud to announce the launch of their new and innovative WrapCovers™ line of products. Ideal for quick service and fast casual restaurants, or any business which requires the use of concrete bollards for protection around their location, WrapCovers transform these unsightly, often scuffed and marred concrete posts into an attractive, eye-catching, ground-level billboard, typically found close to the point of purchase.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with WrapCovers parking lot advertising at our Taco Bell locations,” said Arlen Korer, Owner, Westaco, Franchisee of Taco Bell and Long John Silvers. “Not only did they create valuable ad space outside our stores, they masked the unsightly vehicle barriers in our drive-thru and cut our maintenance cost to $0. WrapCovers will continue to be a key component of our drive-thru advertising.”

Business owners can use WrapCovers to recapture previously underutilized advertising space at their drive-thru, walkways, and point of entry/point of departure areas—anywhere where safety of guests and property is paramount, yet advertising is rarely seen. Employing patent-pending technology and an easy-to-deploy system, WrapCovers eliminate the need for repainting or cleaning of bollards, an often times lengthy and expensive process, and can be installed or switched out in a matter of seconds, not hours.

“What makes this product so great is the simplicity of the system,” said Jared Smith, president of bluemedia. “We take a custom-shaped, hard plastic sleeve and place it over the bollard. Then we slip a dye-sublimated fabric over the sleeve with the printed messaging or creative of your choosing, and suddenly you’ve converted previously untapped marketing space into a revenue generator. It’s that easy.”

Perfect for showcasing new promotional windows, focusing on top-selling menu items, or supplementing branded materials, even simply thanking guests for their business, WrapCovers work to drive sales of a typically captive audience of guests sitting in their cars—all while enhancing the appearance of a location and adding to the visibility of these safety structures.

“We’re capitalizing on space that’s never been utilized before,” said Bill Arons, National Sales Director of the WrapCovers division at bluemedia. “We take ugly concrete posts and turn them into a clean, attractive, marketing and branding tool at the POS. It’s a creative and cost effective way to generate excitement and engagement. You have to see them to understand the impact they can have on your business!”

For more information and photos of WrapCovers in action, or to speak directly to an account executive, please contact Bill Arons at (480) 317-1333, or
Joe Holt