Office Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Office for Success in Quarter Two

New York, NY, April 05, 2014 --( When your desk at work is completely cluttered and you have no free space you'll end up spending more time searching for important papers and office supplies than actually working. All that clutter can make it hard to concentrate and will just result in an unproductive work day. This season spend some time doing spring cleaning at the office so you can work more efficiently and save the headache of searching through piles of paper on your desk. An unorganized or messy physical appearance (whether it's your person or your office) does have an emotional effect on organization and productivity. Here are some quick and easy ways to organize your office for success, shared by Robert Bielsky, Founder and Chairman of Manhattan Commercial Realty.

1. Sort your papers.

Keep a bin for your unaddressed papers (bills, receipts, notes, etc.) that you are unable to get to right away but will have to address eventually. If it is not something urgent then put your paper in the bin at the corner of your desk. Spend a few minutes each day sorting through the rest of your papers and shred or recycle what you don't need to lessen the paper clutter. By spending some time on this each day you'll avoid papers from piling up until it becomes a huge mess that will take hours to sort through.

2. Organize your drawers.

You probably have a junk drawer at your desk in the office just like the one you have at home. Placing small items in your drawer is a way to keep the clutter off your desk but then you're just moving the clutter from one place to another. Look for drawer organizers and dividers to create small, separate compartments in your drawer so you can keep all of your supplies organized. This will also make it easier to find what you need and looks much better than staring at a jumbled mess each time you open your desk drawer.

3. Evaluate what you need and don't need.

The best way to get rid of clutter is by actually getting rid of what you don't need. It's easy to hoard papers, books, manuals, and more while thinking, "I may need that someday." If you can take everything off your desk and out of your drawers and sort things into piles of what you need and what you can throw away you'll be more inclined to get rid of unnecessary items that are just taking up space. If you have items that serve no purpose or that you didn't even remember you owned, chances are you do not need it and should probably let it go. Using the 6 month rule is a great guideline. Ask yourself, "Have you used this item in the last 6 months?" If the answer is no, then you may not need it.

4. Keep a paper inbox.

Instead of having coworkers just placing all sorts of papers right on your desk, keep a wall pocket on your door or cubicle with a label on it so people know to place all documents there. This will keep from adding to a pile of papers on your desk and it can keep you from losing or overlooking an important memo.

5. Manage your cables.

Instead of having a mess of tangled cables everywhere, look for some cable management options that you can find at places like IKEA. You can also use simple items like binder clips, a hole punch, and plastic cards to create your own cable organizers. Write-on wire ties are also a good option for labeling your cables. Unsightly cords can be hidden from view in a small bin under the desk.

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