Ways to Budget When Searching for NYC Office Space

Many businesses look to open up an office in New York City for plenty of reasons. NYC is full of hot new tech startups and some of the most successful professional services firms. Searching for the right office space can get competitive when everyone is looking for a way to get the most bang for... - July 30, 2014

Top Tips for NYC Startups Looking to Rent Office Space

For New York City startups, finding the perfect office space can be a crucial component to work productivity. You might want to find a space that is big enough to give your employees ample room for both work and play. With so many other tech startups vying for space you might even be considering... - June 28, 2014

Breather.com Roars Into the NYC Market with 4 New Space Acquisitions with Their Broker, Manhattan Commercial Realty

In a city where finding a seat in a coffee shop can be a struggle, Breather, a new tech startup that launched last week, is a solution to office workers who seek temporary offices. Through a clever app, workers can select a nearby room, rent it for short-term use, and unlock the space via a code. - April 16, 2014

Office Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Office for Success in Quarter Two

When your desk at work is completely cluttered and you have no free space you'll end up spending more time searching for important papers and office supplies than actually working. All that clutter can make it hard to concentrate and will just result in an unproductive work day. This season spend... - April 05, 2014

8 Reasons Why It's Important to Bring a Broker to Your Commercial Lease Renewal Negotiations

In today's current economic climate, landlords aren't seeing many new renters. It's very important for them to keep their current tenants. But that doesn't mean they won't work diligently to get the best deal for themselves. It's in the landlord's best interest to circumvent a broker. They would... - February 27, 2014

7 Signs You Should Drop Your Real Estate Agent

Buying or leasing a property is an important decision. If you're buying a home, it may be the place you spend the rest of your life. If it's for your business, your company's profitability could depend on that location. The agent is the man who shows you your options. Most people don't fully... - January 17, 2014

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