Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. Introduces International Day of Prayer and Meditation for Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. (SCW) will celebrate the inaugural Sickle Cell Warriors International Day of Prayer and Meditation for over 50 hours this weekend, April 5-7, 2014.

Alpharetta, GA, April 05, 2014 --( Join Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. (SCW) in celebrating the inaugural Sickle Cell Warriors International Day of Prayer and Meditation for sickle cell disease, April 5-7, 2014. This 50-hour celebration will unite Warriors and their supporters in solidarity with one common focus and consciousness.

True to its community focus, SCW developed this event with feedback and suggestions from the sickle cell community. The goal is to unite under a common banner and channel our beliefs into shared universal success.

Follow these easy steps to get involved:

Pick a time. Use the Doodle Invitation here:

Get others involved. Tell your friends, family and community members to join you.

Be social. Take a picture before or after your meditation or prayer, and share with other Warriors on Facebook ( or Twitter ( The official hashtag for this event is #SickleCell or #SickleCell50. The goal is to make them trend on both sites.

Engage. At the allotted hour, on any 15-minute increment, begin your prayer or meditation. Focus your energy on any aspect of sickle cell disease. You can:

· Give thanks to those who support the fight for sickle cell
· Meditate for a readily attainable cure for sickle cell disease in our lifetime
· Appeal for research and treatment options to improve quality of life
· Ask for increased public awareness and knowledge
· Request improved legislation, governmental oversight and increased health care funding globally
· Pray for an end to stereotypes, stigma and backlash constantly faced by Warriors
· Seek compassionate health care and improved education of health care providers
· Ask for improved personal health in all areas

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Tosin Ola