Emerging Fitness Brand Expands Product Offering

MostFit™ introduces SYN Rings to the fitness scene for stability weight training.

West Hills, CA, April 08, 2014 --(PR.com)-- MostFit™, creator of fitness products for everyday, active individuals, announces the launch of SYN Rings, weight training equipment, adding a new type of intensity to workouts nationwide. As MostFit continues to develop its innovative fitness solutions, SYN Rings are the brand’s first product designed specifically for stability weight training.

With SYN Rings, stability weight training wields unpredictability to strengthen and challenge core muscles, as well as physical and mental agility.

MostFit’s SYN Rings allow users to easily attach and suspend weight plates from a standard Olympic weightlifting bar. While securely fastened, the SYN Rings are structured so the weight plates can freely move in all directions, creating instability. The unpredictable movement of the weights, produced by the SYN Rings, tests the user’s motor control, accelerating reaction rates in order to stabilize the weightlifting bar.

“Lightweight, durable and compact, our unique products are built for the everyday individual who is looking to make strides in their health even with a hectic lifestyle. The SYN Rings are an expansion of our mission to make exercise accessible,” said president and founder, Andrew Gavigan. “Just strap the SYN Rings to an Olympic weightlifting bar and start strengthening your core and improving your health in minutes. Our brand will continue to revolutionize the fitness game, and I’m proud to have SYN Rings join that legacy.”

The new SYN Rings debut online this spring at Most-Fit.com for $39.95 MSRP and are rolling out in select brick-and-mortar retail locations across the country. For more information on MostFit SYN Rings, visit www.most-fit.com. To find out how you can Be the MostFit You Can Be, join the conversation on Facebook or use #MostFit on Twitter.

About MostFit
Founded in 2012 by Los Angeles fitness instructor and personal trainer, Andrew Gavigan, emerging brand MostFitTM continues to transform physical fitness with innovative, portable and affordable products. Designed for the everyday, active individual, MostFit’s products promote being the healthiest, “most fit” version of yourself that you can be. MostFit’s lines have quickly become the athletic tools of choice for busy executives, parents and even on-the-go personal trainers.

More than a product brand, MostFit gives back to its community by hosting an annual philanthropic event for local pet shelters called “Push-ups for Puppies.” Learn more at Most-Fit.com.
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