Scalada Holdings Negotiating for Large Gold Placer Deposits

Scalada Holdings, Ltd is in the throes of negotiating a deal with an unnamed holding corporation that owns the mining rights to a large area of gold placer deposits.

Singapore, Singapore, April 09, 2014 --( Scalada Holdings, Ltd., the Singapore-based sustainable solutions group, is in negotiations with an unnamed holding corporation that owns the mining rights to a 5 square mile area of gold placer deposits in the state of Nevada.

Placer gold deposits represent gold that, over time, has been dislodged by erosion or other means and transported – usually by river currents – to locations other than where it originated.

“The old 'Gold Rush' gold prospectors used gold pans and sluice boxes to mine for placer gold along stream beds but technological advancements have largely rendered such antiquated methodology obsolete,” said Robert McClung, President at Scalada Holdings.

Once negotiations are concluded, Scalada Holdings will fund a large-scale operation that will hopefully yield half a million ounces of gold each year.

“With gold prices still buoyant and the global economic recovery still on relatively shaky legs, we anticipate steadily increasing demand for gold. Opportunities like this arise very rarely and if there is a way in which we can expedite the arrival of the 'break ground' date, we’ll pull out all the stops,” he continued.

Scalada Holdings has asked Nevada State officials for their support and pledged to hire personnel from within state rather than bring in labor from other parts of the country. Asked to place a likely dollar value on the deposits in the 5 square mile area, Mr. McClung said that he would be surprised if there was less than $3 billion of gold in the area at current gold prices.

“Obviously it’s never a good idea to count ones chickens before they’re hatched but given there’s been so much testing carried out here over the last 10 years, we think we’ve good reason to feel confident,” concluded Mr. McClung.

About Scalada Holdings, Ltd.:
Scalada Holdings, Ltd. is in the business of bringing green solutions to the global marketplace that produce sustainable outcomes along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Titan Holdings Inc., a Nevada based environmental company. Scalada Holdings provides integrated solutions over a wide range of technologies, services and extensive knowledge to allow global institutions to meet their environmental goals.
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