Peer2PeerNetworks, LLC Introduces Crowdfunding Real Estate Platform Gizmo

Gizmo, a new platform and service for real estate crowdfunding, launches today, opening the door for the “average Joe” to invest in opportunities that might not have financially been possible otherwise.

Orlando, FL, April 11, 2014 --( Crowdfunded Real Estate Hits Orlando

Platform creates a way for individuals to invest in opportunities that might not have financially been possible otherwise.

Peer2Peer Networks is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Gizmo, a new platform and service for real estate crowdfunding.

The benefits of crowdfunding real estate are numerous. Not only do real estate crowdfunding platforms give clients a greater visibility than traditional funding avenues, potential investors also benefit by viewing a wider variety of investment opportunities. Additionally, both public and private investors are able to make online investments in record numbers. Clients and investors seek the deals that will prove beneficial in the short and long term, and real estate crowdfunding platforms bring the best of both worlds together.

The goal of Peer2Peer Network’s new real estate crowdfunding platform is best described by Raynell Bell, managing partner of Peer2Peer Networks, who says, “I established Peer2Peer for the purpose of creating services and opportunities that allow individuals and existing businesses to grow. With our first venture, Gizmo, our goal is to enable the average person to benefit from real estate – both in buying and selling, and buying and renting – through easy-to-use crowdfunding.”

Peer2Peer Networks focuses on creating platforms that allow individuals to connect with each other, as well as to directly support micro businesses and services. A micro business or service is primarily a sole proprietorship, and is often referred to as a “mom-and-pop” shop. These businesses face unique challenges that larger organizations can tackle easily with big budgets and dedicated teams. Peer2Peer’s core values center around helping those small businesses secure the processes they need to help grow their enterprises.

Peer2Peer will begin taking exclusive, limited partnership reservations for this new real estate crowdfunding service on April 4, 2014. Perks and details of partnership include distributed risk and a low $100 annual fee to get started.

To sign up and learn more about the growing movement that will fuel the next big real estate success story,

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