TLC Ingredients and IFP Work with Meat Industry Client to Replace Pho-Containing Encapsulated Citric Acid and Salt

TLC Ingredients, INC has been working with IFP, Inc to offer encapsulated citric acid and salts that contain no PHO. This is largely driven by increased customer inquiries about encapsulated products containing PHO’s.

Chicago, IL, April 14, 2014 --( Food manufacturers are seeking alternative options to all ingredients containing PHO’s, because they contain trans-fat. The FDA had previously required all food manufacturers to label the amount of trans-fat in their products. In November 2013, the FDA issued a preliminary determination that partially-hydrogenated oils (PHO’s) should no longer be on the list of food ingredients “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) for use in food. If the FDA determination is finalized, manufacturers would not be able to use PHO’s (without specific FDA approval).

In response to customer inquiries regarding encapsulated products containing PHO’s, TLC Ingredients has worked with IFP, Incorporated, to offer an encapsulated citric acid and salts that contains no PHO.

PHO’s were originally formulated into encapsulated coating systems to improve flex-properties (stress and freeze-thaw) of otherwise brittle hot-melt coatings. Several years ago IFP started developing an alternate flex-coating blend such that many of IFP’s existing commercial products already use non-PH oils for their coating systems. IFP supplies encapsulated ingredients to customers for a wide array of applications for use in situations where the customer wants to control the release conditions of the ingredient. The coating systems can be custom-designed to release under various target conditions (time, temperature, shear). IFP works with a range of fats and oils, as well as the amount of coating used, to achieve the ideal degree of protection for each application.

Although, if finalized, the new regulation would allow manufacturers time to replace PHO-containing ingredients, many companies have already been proactively seeking alternatives. “Recently, we have started to receive numerous requests by food manufacturing customers for documents certifying that the ingredients we sell to our customers are PHO-free,” says Tommy Turriff, President of TLC Ingredients. “We have proactively reached out to some of our key vendors to ask them to provide documentation regarding the PHO status of their ingredients, so that we will be prepared as more of these inquiries come in from our customers.”

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IFP’s expertise in fluid-bed powder processing builds on 35 years of technology development. Their encapsulated ingredients consistently and cost-effectively isolate an ingredient until release or interaction is desired. IFP’s agglomeration expertise adheres multiple particles together in a unique way that creates sufficient gaps between particles that encourage rapid hydration and instantizing of powders.

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