DonorFuse Provides Online, On-Demand Training Modules for Small & Medium Nonprofit Professionals

After surveying nonprofit needs, training for nonprofit professionals is high on the list. DonorFuse has developed key modules with topics ranging from developing a technology plan to individual giving 101. Due to time and resources all training modules are designed to work within the learner's schedule and provide real-time feedback. Each module uniquely fuses technology with fundraising for optimal success in application.

Chicago, IL, April 12, 2014 --( Over the course of several months, DonorFuse enlisted an informal discussion with nonprofit professionals across Chicagoland to learn specific pain points challenging their organizations. One of the highlighted responses was an increased need for more dynamic fundraising and technology practices training. DonorFuse has created an affordable solution to provide small and medium sized nonprofits and other fundraising-based organizations with online, on-demand training lessons.

The training categories are: Technology, Fundraising, & Organization. Topics within each category range from using reporting tools with CRMs to creating a successful fundraising campaign; from board development to how to help staff make the management transition. The platform offers common lessons as well as the ability to customize specific training topics.

“This platform will allow smaller organizations the opportunity to develop their staff and skills to gain the combined knowledge of industry best-practices with applicable practices at a reasonable cost in time and money. We created this tool so nonprofits, regardless of size, can become stronger and better equipped to meet their challenges.” -Margaux Pagán, Managing Strategy Director at DonorFuse

About DonorFuse
DonorFuse, an entity of Fusion Integrated Solutions, is a socially aware agency supporting nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and government entities by leveraging technology and fusing it with fundraising practices to strengthen sustainability and advance impact. DonorFuse solutions include the signature 3E Approach [Explore, Execute, Engage], 90-Day Restart, Online Training Modules, and other innovative solutions to help the social sector grow stronger. DonorFuse is headquartered in Chicago with satellite offices in Milwaukee and Cincinnati.

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