E-Book, the Power and Profit of Knowledge, a Primer on Market Research for Small Business

Kansas City, MO, April 12, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Marketing Researcher & Strategist, Susan Spaulding announces today the availability of her e-Book, "The Power and Profit of Knowledge," a primer on market research for small business.

The e-book describes the value of knowing your market and the ways to understand what is happening in your business and with your customer and your competitors. Specifically, the e-book describes how market research can be used, how to get started with a market research initiative and the methods that can be used including:
· Business Intelligence
· Market Intelligence
· Social Media Intelligence
· Competitive Intelligence
· Qualitative Research
· Quantitative Research

Spaulding, a visionary strategist and marketing consultant, has consistently delivered deep insights, disruptive ideas and game-changing strategies to accelerate business and brand growth.

“Too many businesses fail to integrate the market perspective in their decision making and therefore may miss opportunities for change and growth. I truly believe that a commitment to listening to your workforce, to your customer and the myriad of influence factors will ensure a competitive advantage and is critical to sustainable growth.”

The e-book can be found on the Recalibrate Strategies website located at www.recalibratestrategies.com.

About Susan Spaulding and Recalibrate Strategies
Recalibrate Strategies helps companies grow their business. We apply proven marketing systems to recalibrate their business and their brands by collaboratively creating a success blueprint. Based in the Kansas City area, Recalibrate Strategies can be found at www.recalibratestrategies.com.
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