Streamline Your Hiring Processes with - a new service that makes hiring easy for small and mid-size businesses.

Redmond, WA, April 14, 2014 --( YouAreHR has launched, an online service that makes it simple for non-HR professionals to identify, review, and hire employees for their businesses. turns the complicated process of hiring new employees into a streamlined process that hiring managers can use to fill personnel vacancies. lets your company collect job applications and evaluate potential employees online. Alternatively, business managers can add a custom YouAreHR "help wanted" section to the company website.

You can start using YouAreHR immediately, without registering with a credit card. It's simple to collect information from job applicants, organize it for optimal efficiency, and collaborate with the entire personnel selection team, ensuring that you choose the right person for the job.

Many companies are too small to have dedicated human resource management specialists. YouAreHR replaces the HR team with an automated process, and lets core business specialists communicate directly with job applicants. With YouAreHR, an IT professional looking for a job, for example, will deal directly with her future boss and coworkers in the IT department.

People with day-to-day experience on the project know what is important for the project to succeed. YouAreHR lets them pre-screen applicants, take notes during phone and in-person interviews, and rate and vote on candidates. By combining the applicants' information with the team's opinions, YouAreHR helps you make educated hiring decisions.

The hiring process is easily repeatable. By involving the project team in hiring decisions, your company will no longer be dependent upon a handful of self-described hiring experts. Hiring new people will become a vital part of your company's culture. And YouAreHR will handle most of the administrative overhead.

YouAreHR's fees are affordable. There are no setup fees, no hidden charges, and no long-term contracts. There is even a free plan available for start-ups. Visit the website for more information, and to see how easy it is to sign up online and fill open positions in your company.

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