Mother’s Day Gifts Infused with Healing Love Energy

Intelligent Crystals Collection from Energy Tools International offers beautiful iridescent Swarovski Crystal pendants infused with healing love subtle energy.

Eagle Point, OR, April 26, 2014 --( On this day each year, we are asked to honor mothers, grandmothers, wives, and even girlfriends. These days we often celebrate Mother’s Day with shop-bought gifts of chocolates and flowers or a trip out to Mom's favorite restaurant but traditionally, children gave their mothers hand crafted cards or jewelry. True some of the jewelry was made out of macaroni, but the sentiment was there just the same. Now that you are all grown up and you want to show Mom how much she means to you, give her energized jewelry from Energy Tools International.

This collection called Intelligent Crystals is a stand out line - full of sparkle, femininity and energy. These elegant Swarovski crystal pendants have been powerfully infused with a combination of energetic imprints and healing energies produced by master healers by renowned Russian scientist, Dr. Yury Kronn. The pristine crystal matrix of the Swarovski Crystal makes an excellent receiver for the unique energetic imprints infused into them using breakthrough technology. Since ancient times it has been known that gemstones have the ability to inspire the spirit, balance the emotions and heal the body.

There are many worthy pieces for Mom from this collection, just take a look at two of them to bring a sparkle to your Mother’s eye - and to any outfit:

1. The Healing Love Crystal (Pegasus Goldenshadow) radiates soft warmth that flows through the meridians, releasing energy blockages and bringing a sense of ease and comfort to the body and mind. By opening blockages and allowing the energy to flow it helps soothe frayed nerves and ragged emotions. Healing Love supports emotional balance in times of stress. It can be instrumental in bringing emotional issues to the surface and making it easier to deal with them once they are raised. It clears the mind and inspires an overall sense of wellbeing, optimism, and physical lightness. The luminous Healing Love Crystal will warm your heart and awaken your creativity. They come in two shapes: Pegasus and Pear.

2. Healing Love Pear Crystal is a stunning pear-shaped drop from Swarovski. Precision-cut facets and uniform color create a sparkling shower of light reflections. Large size presents an array of exciting design options. The Healing Love Crystal supports emotional balance in times of stress. It clears the mind and inspires an overall sense of wellbeing, optimism, and physical lightness.

Beautiful iridescent Swarovski Crystal pendants come in four elegant shapes: the “teardrop” large and small, the “shell,” the “heart” and the “cosmic.” World renowned and beloved, Swarovski Crystals are meticulously crafted in Austria to the highest standards of quality. They are rich in color with a captivating sparkle that makes them a delight to wear. They have an eye-catching appeal that inspires admiration wherever they are worn. As with any good crystal, please treat this pendant with loving care. The Swarovski Crystal pendant is fragile and can chip or break if dropped.

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