International Advanced Healing Group to Showcase TruHeal at SADBOC

International Advanced Healing Group subsidiary, Advanced Health Institute (AHI) and Medistar to reveal the details of patient’s impressive recovery at the SADBOC Fair as a means of showcasing the efficacy of TruHeal.

Singapore, Singapore, April 27, 2014 --( IAHG [International Advanced Healing Group, Ltd.], the Singapore-based healing management technology group, along with its wholly-owned US based subsidiary AHI (Advanced Health Institute, Inc.) are set to provide further evidence to support their assertions that the Medistar Inc./Advanced Health Institute’s accelerated wound-healing care products improve healing in chronic wounds like those arising from diabetes.

Medistar Inc., with whom AHI have entered into a strategic partnership within selected regions to distribute the TruHeal Wound Program say they will release details of a case study ahead of both companies’ attendance at the impending SADBOC Government Procurement Fair to be held on April 30th at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Minnesota.

Rodney McGee, at Medistar stated that they will review in detail the recovery of one of the AHI’s TruHeal success stories, a patient affected by type 2 diabetes-related illnesses, at this years SADBOC fair. The patient is a 71-year-old man who has undergone double knee replacement surgery. As part of his convalescence and subsequent physiotherapy program, he was treated using the Advanced Health Institute TruHeal advanced wound healing product.

According to Mr. McGee, “After reluctantly agreeing to perform the procedure, this patient’s primary care physician informed him that his recovery was dramatic after he completely healed in 30 days. This was even more remarkable when one considers that the typical healing time for procedures of this complexity on a diabetic patient as advanced in years as this patient is more than 60 days.”

International Advanced Healing Group will provide additional details of the case study and the satisfied patient’s remarkable recovery at the SADBOC fair.

About Advanced Health Institute, Inc.
AHI was formed in 2005 with a goal to provide a more effective and efficient clinical solution to heal chronic wounds. After a strategic reorganization in 2013, AHI is now positioned to move aggressively towards fulfilling its Vision: To transform the wound care segment of the healthcare industry by providing a Formulary process that improves the health and care of the patient while reducing the cost burden to all stakeholders. AHI has been a revenue-generating company since 2007 with the first two non-revenue producing years devoted to building algorithms, testing products, documenting case histories, comparing outcomes of AHS treated chronic wound patients with outcomes of patients treated by traditional protocols.

About International Advanced Healing Group, Ltd.
International Advanced Healing Group is a multinational company that has developed a trainable, repeatable, scalable system and protocol that is applicable across all types of wound care. Through their research and development IAHG has become the leader of information, technology and outcomes in the wound care field. No other area of health care has taken the time to collect the data that we have, data that drives the decision mechanism this system provides.
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