eLearning Companies Team-Up to Market New Learning Management System

Train-Ease, Inc. and webSolve, LLC team-up to deliver a state-of-the art Learning Management System for corporations, franchise systems and other organizations interested in revolutionizing their training. The new SCORM-compliant system allows seamless delivery of multi-media training sessions via the Internet. Train-Ease’s courseware design capabilities offer a new dimension to webSolve’s existing portfolio of eLearning products and services.

Columbus, OH, October 11, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Continuing their quest to bring effective and powerful e-Learning systems to corporations, franchise systems and other organizations, Train-Ease, Inc. and webSolve, LLC, both of Columbus, Ohio, jointly announced today the unveiling of a new state-of-the art Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Train-Ease.

Rick Willimott, Train-Ease’s CEO, said, “A number of our courseware clients have been asking for a stand-alone LMS to shift their training to an online environment and Jim Meaney, President of webSolve, LLC, wanted to add a SCORM-compliant system to the eLearning platforms webSolve currently offers. So it was a no-brainer.”

Meaney explained the collaboration as follows, “Train-Ease will continue to develop customized eLearning courseware for companies such as Nationwide Insurance, Wendy’s, OhioHealth, State Auto and pursue enterprise-level LMS opportunities, while webSolve will focus on small and medium-sized companies. We have found that one-system-does-not fit-all and that a learning system must be suited to a company’s needs. And, with Train-Ease’s course-development expertise, we can also deliver those services to an additional market segment.”

The Train-Ease LMS is a robust web-based learning platform touting full learner tracking, reporting and management, online course registration with email confirmation, curriculum management, testing and survey creation tool and many more features. The LMS can also integrate with other enterprise applications such as human resources software systems.

SCORM or The Shareable Content Object Reference Model has become the standard in enterprise-level learning management systems. It is based on standards developed by the aviation industry and training professionals. Willimott noted that Train-Ease’s LMS currently “supports SCORM 1.2 standards based content and very soon will be supporting SCORM 2004 standards as well.”

While Willimott and Meaney agree that not every company needs a SCORM-compliant system, they say that “for those companies that are technically oriented in their training systems or want a state-of-the-art platform, this LMS will exceed expectations.”

Train-Ease is committed to providing quality products and services that directly relate to overall business goals and objectives. Rick Willimott, Team Leader, has personally been involved with Training & Development for over 20 years and has kept current with new technologies that deliver learning and performance solutions. Train-Ease maintains CPCC, CPBA and CPVA Certified personnel on staff to help companies perform at their highest level.

webSolve offers a variety of learning management platforms and systems, including web-based conference systems that foster real-time, online presentations and collaborations. The company focuses on franchise systems and companies structured like franchises to take advantage of Meaney’s experience and expertise in that area.

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