Angel Human Resources Receives "Most Community Impact" Award in 2014 EMEA Business Excellence Awards

London, United Kingdom, April 30, 2014 --( Over 500 business owners from all across the Europe, Middle East and Africa have gathered in Brighton, UK on 10th of April 2014, to celebrate their and their peers’ achievements and excellence in business growth, innovation and best practice of social responsibilities.

This year it was an outstanding night for Angel Human Resources, UK’s Leading Recruitment Consulting Agency, which picked up award for ‘Most Community Impact’ and was announced as a finalist for the Best Marketing and CEO of the Year Awards.

Brad Sugars, a founder of the world’s #1 business coaching firm Action Coach, presented Angel Human Resources as the company which not just has increased their profit by 21.42% and retained 99% of their clients in 2013. But also has managed to fill over 100,000 emergency shifts and find jobs for over 50,000 candidates. The winner has supported over 30,000 international candidates, find jobs for over 5,000 mums with young children and over 50 people with disabilities. Recruitment expert has trained over 1,000 people and took on board 3 apprentices. In addition to this Angel have sponsored 15 community events and supported 4 charities.

"We have seen a good growth in difficult trading circumstances with high quality candidate crises. But despite that we have improved the quality of both work and life for thousands of candidates and clients. It is good to feel proud of our achievements and that of our teams and be motivated to do much more in 2014 with such a great endorsement from the best in the market, professionals and business gurus," says Carol and Russell.

With dedicated consultants coming from the industries they serve, Angel Human resources’ business model is based on a boutique service package solutions bespoke to each of their client. Recruitment specialist offers recruitment solutions supported with tailored research, consultation, strategic planning, marketing and wide portfolio of managed services.

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