XebiaLabs to Publish "The IT Manager's Guide to Continuous Delivery"

Publication explains how organizations can leverage Continuous Delivery concepts to develop production software within days instead of months.

Boston, MA, May 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Turning good ideas into marketable software quickly is now a business imperative for every enterprise. Turning Continuous Delivery – accelerating the software development and release process – has been a top priority for CIOs based on recent surveys conducted with Fortune 1000 companies. Software development objectives such as these set the stage for “The IT Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery,” a new book announced today by XebiaLabs (http://www.xebialabs.com).

This is one of the only guides of its type that covers the subject of Continuous Delivery. It presents measurable business benefits and is written for non-technical readers, starting with concrete advice on how to get started.

Authored by four Continuous Delivery experts with extensive hands-on experience, the book champions the concept of Continuous Delivery in enabling organizations to build automated software delivery platforms for releasing high-quality applications faster. The book also presents how Continuous Delivery is a set of processes and practices that radically removes waste from the software production process and creates a rapid and effective feedback loop with end users.

“In a competitive economic environment, every organization should consider this game-changing approach,” says co-author Andrew Phillips, who is also Vice President of Product Management at XebiaLabs. “Continuous Delivery helps reduce time-to-market from weeks and months to days or even hours.”

Other authors of book include Xebia IT Architects Principal Consultants Michiel Sens, Adriaan de Jonge, and Mark van Holsteijn. Xebia is an international IT services firm with 400 employees.

David Farley, co-author of “Continuous Delivery,” said, “Continuous Delivery is at the leading edge of software development thinking. Much of the literature and discussion focuses on the technical aspects, but CD is a process that crosses boundaries and helps to make businesses more efficient. This book describes that process.”

To start the path to Continuous Delivery and experience the benefits of delivering business value quickly, a copy of “The Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery” can be accessed by visiting http://go.xebialabs.com/IT-Managers-Guide-to-CD.html.

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With customers such as 3M, John Deere, Expedia, GE, and Société Générale, XebiaLabs is a leading provider of delivery automation software that helps organizations deliver business value faster and more efficiently. Headquartered in the U.S., XebiaLabs has a world-wide network of sales offices and partners. www.xebialabs.com

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