Wine-in-a-Can Start-Up Aims Big, Looking to Next Generation of Wine Drinkers for Fan Base

Harlem Vintners, LLC, a new company focused on youth-oriented spirits, recently launched a campaign to introduce its new product, Maenad, to the masses. Maenad is unique in that it is the first attempt to market a great tasting affordable wine-in-a-can to a generation of savvy youth consumers. Further, Maenad presents a bold visual presentation to the table, as every can has beautiful artwork that will appeal to those who appreciate not only fine taste in their wine, but fine art as well.

New York, NY, May 11, 2014 --( It is a pleasure to introduce MAENAD™, a new and innovative line of affordable wines with convenience and taste in mind for the budding wine connoisseur, brought to you by Harlem Vintners. Harlem Vintners is a twenty-first century oriented wine company, based in New York City, where the ethos is to take a bold stand against the familiar and venture into territory not seen by traditional wine vendors.

With the young and young-at-heart wine drinker in mind, Harlem Vintners is preparing to launch a product that will appeal to a wide swath of the population, especially Millennials. Not only do these consumers prefer wines that are more approachable and easy to drink, but they will also make up the majority of all wine drinkers by the end of this decade.

Harlem Vintners specializes in breaking the wine-in-a-can stereotype. In the past, this was seen as an unfashionable affront to traditional wine etiquette. This is no more. At $3.00 a can, MAENAD™ is the new paradigm: wine drinkers can bring wine anywhere - music festivals, sports arenas, the great outdoors, and the beach - among other venues.

What makes MAENAD™ different from the currently offered wine-in-a-can varieties? While true wine-in-a-can has existed internationally for decades now, no one in the United States has done it right. Indeed, while other companies have marketed carbonated “wine drinks,” the American market has completely ignored great tasting wine that so happens to be packaged in a can.

Until now.

MAENAD™ is going to be America’s first wine-in-a-can to contain true varietals and be of vintage stock.

Please help contribute to the campaign to bring MAENAD™ to your town. Go to Indiegogo and look for special coupons to bring this new, great-tasting product to your next party.
Harlem Vintners LLC
Myles Melnicoff
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Picture of Prototypes

Picture of Prototypes

Picture of prototype cans, colors not exact.

Picture of can, all angles

Picture of can, all angles

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3 Cans

3 Cans

3 different varietals, true colors