AirSage Leverages Cell Phone Data to Help the Georgia Department of Transportation Improve Traffic Management

Atlanta, GA, October 12, 2007 --( AirSage, the premier provider of real-time traffic information, is working with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to provide metro Atlanta drivers with real-time traffic data through Georgia NaviGAtor (, the DOT’s traffic information Web site. GDOT recently added more than 300 miles of AirSage traffic data to NaviGAtor, covering the Atlanta-Macon corridor and other important roadways across the state.

The additional information provided by AirSage will allow drivers to make better informed decisions regarding their driving times and routes, resulting in reduced traffic and shorter travel times. In addition, with the new traffic information, GDOT officials can now monitor and report traffic conditions on hundreds of miles of roadway south of Atlanta from Interstate 285 southward beyond the Macon area.

”GDOT had an extensive network of video-based sensors in and around the metropolitan Atlanta area, however, we were fairly blind when it came to monitoring other roadways around the state,” said Mark Demidovich, GDOT’s assistant state traffic engineer. “We were looking for a quicker, lower-cost solution other than laying hundreds of miles of fiber and thousands of detection units.”

After meeting with Atlanta-based AirSage, GDOT developed a research project to explore the concept of using traffic data derived from anonymous wireless signals. According to Demidovich, “The research has shown that WiSE™ (Wireless Signal Extraction) technology, instead of traditional sensors, is a viable alternative, especially for large-scale deployments.”

AirSage’s unique technology provides more accurate data at a fraction of the cost of traffic sensors and other traditional methods. Its technology is also easily and quickly implemented. For example, data for 1,000 miles of roadway across the entire state could be implemented within a few months versus five to 10 years for sensors.

“Given the critical importance of understanding and reporting traffic patterns, state officials were looking for an efficient, cost-effective tool,” says Cy Smith, AirSage president and CEO. “Our technology is easy to implement and less expensive to the state than alternatives, including roadside sensors.”

With the help of AirSage’s technology, GDOT can now provide the public with traffic information covering hundreds of miles of roadways across the state. Travelers in Georgia can get traffic information between Atlanta and Macon, as well as south of Macon. In addition, AirSage data may soon be included in the recently launched Georgia 511 system.

Smith also added, “GDOT’s NaviGAtor is one of the premier traffic Web sites in the country, providing the public with valuable traffic information. The addition of AirSage traffic data on more than 300 miles of roadways across the state will help Georgians save time and money.”

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