Aquentium Technology Designed to Enhance Medical Marijuana Industry in Canada

Aquentium, Inc. (OTC: AQNM) CEO Mark Taggatz stated, “I am very pleased with the recent movement within the medical marijuana industry in Canada and how the growth of the hemp industry could have a very positive impact for Aquentium and its shareholders.”

Canyon Lake, CA, May 15, 2014 --( Canada's medical marijuana market is rapidly evolving with the passage of its MMRP regulations which will transfer production of medical marijuana to centralized commercial producers in April of 2014 and opens the doors to enormous opportunities in the space.

Health Canada forecasts that there will be half a million medical marijuana users in Canada in 10 years, but Aquentium CEO Mark Taggatz believes that with the availability and the assurance of consistency of the product it could only take two years for users to reach that magnitude.

Aquentium is a leading manufacturer of non-chemical air and water purification equipment. This equipment can be used safely and effectively without any toxic by-products. Used within the medical marijuana sector, companies can enhance the growth of plants as well as control any unwanted odors.

“Legal marijuana is one of the most rapidly expanding medical markets in the U.S., projected to exceed $3 billion in 2014. Add in Canada and this rapid growth is creating significant opportunities. Aquentium is positioned as the first public company to offer air and water purification solutions for legalized growers in this burgeoning sector,” added Taggatz.

Cannabis experts believe that the New Farm Bill Green Lights Hemp Cultivation. President Obama’s signing of a five-year, $1 trillion farm bill into law that eases restrictions on hemp. This is a step in the right direction by setting a key precedent on a federal level for large-scale cannabis cultivation.

The new farm bill will allow universities and state agriculture departments to create industrial hemp growing programs. However, it only applies to states where industrial hemp farming is already legal under state law. These 10 states include Colorado, Washington, California, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont and West Virginia.

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