Anita Grant Ltd
Anita Grant Ltd

Announcing the Launch of Anita Grant, Pure and Wholesome Care for Skin and Hair

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, January 17, 2006 --( When Anita Grant, found her hands red raw and blistered after using a store-bought bottle of “safe synthetics”, she resolved never to purchase another off-the-shelf product again.

"You shouldn't need a degree in chemistry to understand a product's ingredient label”, she said.

What followed was a three year investigation into the cheap chemical brew of ingredients commonly used in many ethnic personal care products sold around the world, culminating in Anita mixing her own brand of natural butters, soaps, lotions & potions for family and friends.

In September 2005, Anita resigned from her job in IT and started mixing full time. On the 5th of December 2005, was launched to the Curly and Afro-haired community to rave reviews.

“It's so liberating to read the label of a product, understand the ingredients contained within and say NATURALLY, I can do better", said Anita as she mixed a batch of Organic Dark Chocolate Lippy Pucker lip balm.

Somewhere, in between the sweet scent of Virgin Coconut Oil, the nutty aroma of organic Murumuru Butter and the yummy chocolateness of unrefined Cocoa Butter are Anita's products. All of her Goodies are made to order and individually packaged to ensure freshness.

“Topical application of natural ingredients not only nourishes but provides our skin & hair with beneficial vitamins and minerals.” said Anita. “The majority of our ingredients are purchased directly from farming communities and/or partnerships we have with fair trade suppliers throughout the world. We see it as a way to foster economic independence & cultural survival.”

Being accountable to her customers is something that is always on her mind, in her hair & on her skin. Anita Grant Ltd is a family owned business providing deep condish treats, hair butters, skin smoothies & the power of moisture direct to her customer’s door.

Anita Grant
Anita Grant Ltd
+44 (0) 845 4025240

Anita Grant Ltd
Anita Grant
+44 (0) 845 4025 240