Anita Grant Ltd

Anita Grant Ltd was created on the 5th of December 2005, by the all round self-proclaimed-cosmetic-label -reader-ingredient junkie-mixtress, Anita.
It wasn't until she blistered her hands using a store bought bottle of so called "safe synthetics" that she decided never to purchase another off the shelf product again. Since 2003, Anita has been making her own brand of lotions & potions.

"You shouldn't need a degree in chemistry to understand a product's ingredient label. It's so liberating to be able to read the label of a product, understand the ingredients contained within and say 'NATURALLY, I can do better.' ", says Anita as she mixes up her latest Creamy Café Latte hair butter.

Somewhere, in between the sweet scent of organic Virgin Coconut Oil, the aroma of pure Coffee Oil & the yummy chocolateness of unrefined Cocoa Butter are Anita's products. All of Anita Grant's Goodies are made to order and individually packaged to ensure freshness - not pre-packed & left on the shelf waiting for condensation to set in. Each of her Goodies are hand crafted using recipes - not formulas.

"The main reason why I make my goodies is that it's FUN!",  she says.

Anita's ingredients & Goodies are NEVER  tested on animals.

However, the few ingredients that our animal pals supply her with (like sweet honey, rich goat's milk and lovely beeswax) are sourced responsibly.

Rather than fill her creations with chemical brews Anita works very closely with Mama Nature utilising only those quality ingredients that yield superior benefits for your RDA (recommended daily application).

Being accountable to her customers is something that is always on her mind, in her hair & on her skin. Anita Grant is a family owned business providing deep condish treats, hair butters, skin smoothies & the power of moisture direct to your door!

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