Creative Bus Sales Now Assisting New York Area Transit Companies in Locating High Performance Mini Buses

Leading suppliers of the latest high-efficiency vehicles from the industry’s top manufacturers, Creative Bus Sales have just announced that they’re offering affordable pricing on 2014’s top mini bus models.

New York, NY, May 19, 2014 --( The company’s comprehensive selection now includes popular vehicles such as the 2014 Starcraft XLT 40, which offers comfortable seating for up-to 44 passengers to help growing New York transit companies capitalize on their investment in the latest models.

Whether the company is a senior’s center, a tour operator or a college, it’s important that they have access to the most efficient vehicles in order to ensure the cost-effective transportation of passengers across the country. One of the challenges that many companies face is in trying to find larger mini-bus vehicles that offer efficient mileage and low maintenance performance. But with the release of the latest 2014 Starcraft-manufactured buses, New York-based transit companies now have an array of options to meet their unique high-efficiency fleet demands.

The Starcraft XLT 40 is one of the largest and most efficient vehicles available within the Creative Bus Sales inventory. The 102” wide vehicle provides an exceptional level of comfort to travelers and is designed to accommodate up-to 44 people. This means that companies can improve their transit revenues by planning trips that include an increased number of guests. The structural performance of the Starcraft XLT 40 is second-to-none in its class. It features a fiberglass roofing system that helps prevent the potential for leaks and further enhances the protection for passengers inside.

Those seeking quiet operation will be delighted with the Starcraft XLT 40’s fully welded steel cage, which helps seal the in-vehicle environment against outside noises and provides peace and comfort to passengers. Drivers, too, will discover that the Starcraft XLT 40’s interior has been uniquely designed for a comfortable operation experience. It’s the standout vehicle in the 2014 marketplace.

An experienced team of vehicle specialists is now available to answer questions from New York-based fleet operators. To learn more on the latest shuttle and mini bus vehicles on the market, please contact the experts at Creative Bus Sales directly or visit the company’s business website at
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Mark Kelleher