Hot Tubs Marlboro, Portable Spas Howell, NJ Dealer Celebrates Physical Fitness Month

Portable Spas Marlboro, Dealer Publishes Three Things People Can Do to Get Moving the Easy Way. Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to Residents of Marlboro and Howell, NJ

Marlboro, NJ, May 22, 2014 --( Central Jersey Pools, Spas and Patios selling hot tubs, pools, patios and more from their Freehold, NJ showroom is participating in National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and has recently published Three Things People Can do to Get Moving the Easy Way.

“Exercise is important. The President’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is designed to get fitness into the public’s mind, and help people realize how important exercise is to our bodies,” says Steven Metz, President of Central Jersey Pools and Spas.

“That message, as important as it is, can often be shoved aside because exercise is considered work, and who wants to work more after a long day at the office, school or running errands,” continued Metz.

Exercise is important, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. Here are three ways to get moving and get fit the easy way:

Couch Potato Fitness – The idea of being a “couch potato” carries a lot of negativity. There’s good reason for that. The modern tendency to sit down after a long day and simply vegetate in front of a television has been a big contributor to the obesity problem in this country. However, sitting on a couch doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Do “couchercizes.” Leg lifts, sit/stand repetitions, stretching exercises, and isometrics can all be done from a chair in the house, or a favorite couch. Spend the time during commercials we all ignore anyway, and exercise all the way through them.

Ride Instead of Drive – Get the bike out of mothballs and ride it instead of driving to appointments, work, school, or even the store. Bike riding is fun, and it is a lot less stressful on joints and muscles than jogging. Biking also saves a lot of wear and tear on the car, and will save a lot of money in gas costs.

Relax and Get Fit – Doesn’t seem to make sense does it? But there is a great way to get a good cardio workout in while having fun and even relaxing and relieving stress. Get a hot tub. Hot tubs are a lot easier to install than a pool, take less space, and offer many more benefits. Water is a great place to get a workout, and water aerobics or even just walking in water is more effective thanks to the resistance the water provides.

At the same time, the buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off of joints and muscles making it less likely to cause injuries. Any kind of exercise that can be done in a pool can be done in a hot tub with a little modification. That isn’t the only way to get the benefits of a workout from a hot tub. It isn’t even necessary to move.

“We think this is a great opportunity to actually show local residents the positive effects that soaking in a hot tub can have in terms of improving the overall quality of their lives. That’s why we will provide free hot tub test soaks throughout the entire month,” said Metz. “We want residents to check out all the benefits of a relaxing in a Caldera Spa and hot tub for themselves.”

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