PW Trenchless Construction, Inc. Guiding Clients on Value in Trenchless Construction Methods with Carbon Calculator

Surrey, Canada, May 28, 2014 --( Surrey, BC-based leaders for trenchless construction solutions, PW Trenchless Construction, Inc. are now inviting construction firms to review the benefits of trenchless systems through the company’s carbon calculator. The carbon calculator tool, devised with the assistance of Habitat Enterprises, will provide companies with tangible data on the environmental advantages derived from trenchless methodology.

In Metro Vancouver, there is approximate $50 billion worth of piping infrastructure supporting the city’s utilities. As the city grows in terms of population, this infrastructure will have to be increased and replaced over time. This means that city officials are now turning to construction firms for innovative solutions to help them consolidate the expenditure involved in utilities management. Now, one local area specialist is helping clientele realize the full benefits of their trenchless construction services.

PW Trenchless Construction, Inc. is offering clients direct access to a carbon calculator, which highlights the environmental and economic advantages of harnessing trenchless strategies to resolve modern construction challenges. Cities across British Columbia now have to meet set standards in terms of emissions within their geographic area. The new carbon calculator available through PW Trenchless will empower city officials to analyze how much emissions construction work currently produces andhow much emissions could be reduced by working with experts such as PW Trenchless. It’s a tool that could support cities in ensuring a cleaner environment for their residents over the long-term future.

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