Business-Inform 2014 International Exhibition is Over, Business-Inform 2014 Project Continues

On 20–22 of May, in the pavilion #69 of All-Russia Exhibition Center, the Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts International Exhibition, Business-Inform 2014 took place.

Moscow, Russia, June 16, 2014 --( It was organized by Business-Inform Agency. 74 companies from Russia, China, USA, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, and Poland took part in the Exhibition. Most representative were from the following groups of companies: Russia (33 companies), China (25 companies). 4 companies represented Germany, 3 - USA. The exhibition was visited by more than 1500 specialists. It is notable that along with Russian buyer-companies management (around 40% of visitors) the interest towards the Exhibition was expressed by specialists from Russian buyer-companies (more that 15% of visitors). The largest part of visitors came from different regions of Russia (54 cities and towns). The event was also visited by guests from Japan, France, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Estonia, and Moldova.

The visitors showed considerable interest in the Fourth International Conference, Business-Inform 2014, which was held simultaneously with the Exhibition in the conference hall of pavilion #69. During the Conference, the representatives of the printing supplies industry leading companies exchanged views on actual production and promotion issues on international and Russian markets, evaluated main market trends, and shared the forecasts. 17 reports presented on the conference were visited by more than 750 specialists. Most of them got the opportunity not only to hear the leading industry specialists, but also to discuss actual issues with them. The reports that attracted the most interest were dedicated to the printing outsourcing and Mps-solutions, printing quality evaluation, marketing in different segments of office equipment and the printing supplies market.

According to the majority of the exhibitors and visitors of the Business-Inform 2014 Exhibition, the informational events (exhibitions, conferences, seminars) are attaining more and more importance in Russia. Only regular supply of information by the industry leaders, open discussions of new products and tendencies would allow the Russian market to remain up-to-date, quickly reacting to the emergence of new and perspective technical and technological solutions on the world’s market. As a result, the majority of the participants already confirmed their participation in the Business-Inform 2015 International Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts Exhibition (Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, May, 2015).

The exhibition ended its work on 22nd of May, but the implementation of the Business-Inform Informational Project continues. In June 2014 on the Business-Inform Agency web-site, a virtual Business-Inform 2014 Exhibition will start working. By clicking on any of the presented booths one can get onto the virtual booth of the exhibitor. Each virtual booth will have the contact information of the exhibitor, a short description of the supplied products, and photos made during the latest exhibition. Each exhibitor-company has a possibility (absolutely for free) to present on its virtual booth an announcement, advertisement, commercial offers, presentation. In this way every exhibitor of Business-Inform 2014 continues the informational exchange with the visitors. The virtual exhibition Business-Inform 2013 done in the same manner continues its work on the Informational Agency’s web-site.

A preparation for publishing of Business-Inform Review #5, 2015, has begun. The organizers will not only include there the majority of interesting reports made during the exhibition, but a lot of other information from the leading industry specialists. 15000 copies of the magazine will be printed both in English and in Russian before September 2014. Part of the print run will be presented during Chinese and European exhibitions in the second half of 2014, beginning of 2015. The Exhibition organizers suppose that this magazine has already become a calling card of the Business-Inform Informational Project and will serve as an extra argument in attracting world leading companies to participation in future Business-Inform exhibitions and conferences.

As they said before, the exhibition ended its work on 22nd of May, but the implementation of Business-Inform Informational Project continues. In the period between May 27 and June 30, Business-Inform Informational Agency specialists plan to prepare and publish no less than 15 press-releases and no less than 3 electronic issues of E-News Digest with materials dedicated to the Business-Inform 2014 exhibitors and their products. During the exhibition more than 800 e-mail addresses were added to the number of subscribers, reaching the total of 18000, which is the testament to the relevance and urgency of this kind of informational product release. The implementation of Business-Inform Informational Project continues.
Sergei Zubkov
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