Fast Response Industrial Infrared Bulbs from Anderson Thermal Devices Set New High Standard for Drying Performance

Hawthorne, NJ –based leader for infrared process heating equipment, Anderson Thermal Devices is offering clients a leading-class solution to their high-wattage, medium infrared wavelength heating requirements.

Hawthorne, NJ, May 29, 2014 --( The company’s latest fast response medium wavelength industrial infrared bulbs are designed utilizing a tungsten filament coiling technique that enables more of the bulb’s energy to be distributed in the medium wavelength. It’s a step forward within the marketplace and will provide organization a high productivity solution to integrate within their drying applications.

Within the process heating industry, organizations now depend upon machinery that can be brought to peak performance levels quickly and with high levels of energy efficiency. It’s how many of the leading specialists are consolidating energy expenditures and improving productivity across their manufacturing lines. Within the process heating field, there are few companies that have the experience and the engineering capabilities of Anderson Thermal Devices. And the New Jersey leader is offering their clients access to an innovative solution that will meet pressing demands for medium infrared wavelength heating at high wattage levels.

The fast-response medium wavelength industrial infrared bulbs from Anderson Thermal Devices are designed to set the operator apart from their industry competitors in the marketplace. These systems feature heat-up and cool-down times of just 1.5 seconds and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to fit in environments with limited machine space. Another operational advantage offered by the fast response medium wavelength heating systems is that they are designed to be operated in either a face up or face down orientation. This provides a high level of line configuration flexibility to companies with a range of drying demands.

In addition, because this leading-class product provides multiple zone heating options within drying applications, it allows for more uniformity of heat across the entire product. This means that companies achieve a more consistent level of heat within their applications for a higher quality final result. It’s the type of high-performance solution for which Anderson Thermal Devices has long been known. To learn more about the medium wavelength industrial infrared bulbs now available through Anderson Thermal Devices, please contact their offices directly or visit their business website at
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Clara O Boyle