Offering Expanded Selection of High School Grad Gifts This Season

As the month of May passes, it’s becoming the peak season for shopping for high school graduation gifts. will now be offering even more high school grad gifts than ever before thanks to its expansion of inventory.

Buffalo, NY, May 29, 2014 --(, the online leader in college dorm supplies, has expanded its inventory to include a greater selection of items that are perfect for high school graduation, according to DormCo. Through its efforts on market research and interaction with customers, DormCo believes it knows just what types of gifts are best suited for high school grads who are heading off to college. While most gifts are not overly expensive, they’re typically practical and are essential and useful for college life.

Amid its selection of new grad gifts for high school students, one of the more unusual items includes the Canvas Kudos wall decor supplies. They consist of a large canvas panel that’s decorated with a variety of colors and designs. The surface can be written on with marker, allowing for friends and family to sign the canvas. The item even acts like a graduation gift card. Some of the designs also feature graduation themes and decorations, such as a black cap.

Even basic items for college like laundry bags and hampers are often used as graduation gifts. While most students might not consider doing laundry in college to be a highlight activity, essential items are still needed. DormCo also recently launched a laundry bag it calls the STRONGEST Laundry Bag. This wire mesh bag is a lower-cost, large-size laundry bag that DormCo predicts will be a big seller for graduation-gift season.

Since storing and packing the new dorm stuff that grads will accumulate requires the right supplies, DormCo’s new Sorority Trunks have also been popular graduation gifts for girls. These trunks are large and designed to carry a variety of supplies, yet they also have designer trim and stylish colors, making them perfect for college girls. Since they have a higher cost than laundry bags, they’re more elaborate graduation gifts and are perfect for those looking for bigger-ticket grad gifts, DormCo believes.

Fun supplies for college are also key to DormCo’s inventory, and it has brought more novelty items to its selection of dorm supplies. Amid such new yet practical and useful supplies are ice trays that produce shark-fin-shaped ice cubes, as well as bookends that feature figurine shapes! Fun supplies for college do make dorm life more interesting, and DormCo knows that such novelty yet practical items are sought after by grad-gift shoppers.

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Keith Gillogly