New Video Provides Solutions for Auto and Aircraft Technicians

Many automotive and aircraft mechanics have tired of using poor quality tools that fall far short of their expectations, and are now trying out true professional grade tools that were designed for professional technicians.

Ottawa, Canada, October 14, 2007 --( John Schira, spokesman for Maxxeon Inc., claims that many professionals as well as car guys and girls are no longer satisfied with "do-it-yourself" tools. "It isn't just technicians that have big investments in their trade; serious hobbyists often have tens of thousands of dollars invested in their vehicles and they are beginning to demand tools that are of professional quality even though they cost more than the ordinary DIY products." Mr. Schira continues, "This includes task lighting for the shop, which up until now has included many sub-standard, poorly performing tools. This is why we have introduced the WorkStar™1200, a professional lighting tool that resolves the shortcomings of other work lights." These features are illustrated in a new video at this link

The energy saving WorkStar™ is not a flashlight - it is a portable, cordless, rechargeable task light that uses a state-of-the-art high efficiency diode to produce light. These light emitting diodes, known as LEDs, are electronic light sources and are far more efficient than traditional light bulbs which use burning filaments to produce light.

The WorkStar™ features a unique two axis moveable light head that lets the technician direct the light exactly where he needs it. The user simply suspends the light by its retractable hook or its two coplanar high powered rare earth magnets and turns the LED light head to direct the light where he wants it. This solves another especially aggravating problem for mechanics - trying to repair a vehicle while the work light glares into their eyes. The WorkStar™ uses rechargeable batteries and because of the efficiency of the LED, it lights up the work area for over 5 hours on a single charge.

Maxxeon is a manufacturer of lighting solutions for the work place.

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