Altep Data Forensics Offering Expands

Firm addresses Data Acquisition in the face of growing "Bring Your Own Device" trend.

Seattle, WA, May 30, 2014 --( Altep, Inc., a national provider of e-discovery and litigation support services, today announced expansion of their Data Forensics and Investigations offering, to include acquisition and analysis of data from mobile devices.

Altep’s Certified Forensic Examiners hold credentials including Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Forensic Computer Examiner, EnCase Certified Examiner, Mac and iOS Certified Forensic Examiner, Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst, and Digital Forensics Certified Practitioner.

Warren Kruse, Altep’s Vice President for Data Forensics and Investigations, is an industry veteran with more than twenty years’ experience as a Data Forensics Examiner and Investigator.

The diverse range of matters he has assisted with includes theft of trade secrets, Wikileaks investigations, misappropriation of intellectual property, breach of contract, internal employment disputes, fraud investigations, wage and hour class actions among others. He was the expert for AMD on the AMD versus Intel antitrust litigation, and testified as a Computer Forensic Expert for the US Securities and Exchange Commission in the SEC vs. vFinance Investment Inc. matter.

Following the announcement, Mr. Kruse commented on the expansion. “Given the recent buzz around the benefits and hazards of so-called “Bring your own device” technology policies, expanding our service offering to include mobile devices was a logical and necessary decision. Corporations are increasingly motivated to allow employees to select and use the peripheral and mobile devices they prefer, and yet doing so presents real challenges for information security, data retention and destruction, and corporate compliance. Our Forensic Examiners are trained and experienced in the forensic handling of mobile devices, including extraction and analysis of data, instant messages, photos and contact lists. In the event of an investigation or government inquiry, we’re able to assist the corporation by acquiring and examining evidence from all aspects of its technical infrastructure – including its mobile devices.”
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