IncomeInfoSource Team Emerges from the Shadows

Los Angeles, CA, October 16, 2007 --( The IncomeInfoSource Team (IIS Team) has announced its intention to serve and support the general population of Internet marketers and small online business entrepreneurs.

The team was quietly formed in the late 1990s, and consists of traditional marketing consultants, Internet consultants and advertising specialists, in addition to television, radio and other new media production business people. Members of the team are in various parts of the United States, and each member serves the needs of traditional clients, advising them regarding core aspects of online and traditional business promotion. While the identities of the individuals will not be revealed, due to client agreements and other stipulations that are a part of their normal business activities, the group as a whole has decided to make various elements of their work available generically to online businesses.

It should be noted that the team operates more than 30 domains, both overtly and covertly, as well as maintaining memberships in many safelists and other promotional resources. Using these and other tools, the group is able to research and test a wide range of marketing methods and opportunities. In a way, the team has operated as "secret shoppers" for several years, and this aspect of anonymity also allows the group to remain unbiased and independent.

William Vickers, spokesperson for the team, said, "our group has seen some troubling trends in online marketing and the quality of opportunities that are available to those seeking to start or expand part time or full time online businesses. The team has created, and is implementing, a wide range of initiatives to address many of these issues, and give the new or expanding business a better chance for success."

Mr. Vickers noted that, in the coming weeks, several different programs and services will be introduced to the online community. While these announcements will continue to be made through traditional informational channels, the group has set up two registration sites that will allow those interested to receive early notification of pending introductions.

Those who are new to online business, or are interested in expanding their current businesses, should register for notifications at:

Internet Master Marketers who serve other businesses, or offer original systems and methods for sale, are encouraged to register at:

New registrants will be offered an opportunity to complete a short survey to aid in the preparation of a special report on Online Business – 2007, to be released in the coming weeks. Participation in the survey is optional.

Mr. Vickers emphasized that neither of these registrations are safelists or other promotional vehicles for third party use. Registrants will only receive information directly related to special announcements and the IIS team activities, and the registrant's information will not be shared in any way.

Questions may be sent by e-mail to: The team will respond to inquiries as time permits.

The IncomeInfoSource Team
William Vickers