SATA CommHealth Sends World No Tobacco Day Message with a Different Focus

It highlights the other joys of life and staying smoke-free while offering smokers a complimentary spirometry.

Singapore, Singapore, May 31, 2014 --( In conjunction with World No Tobacco Day, SATA CommHealth’s smoke-free lifestyle campaign took a different slant on staying smoke-free.

The public health education campaign conveyed through the quarter page advertisement aims to encourage the community at large to stay healthy by pursuing other joys of life and staying away from cigarettes. The essence of the campaign message as published in the Straits Times newspaper is encapsulated in the tag line: “Be Cool, Be Smart, Don’t smoke!”

The advertisement intends to reinforce the message that adopting healthy lifestyles are smarter options than smoking. As World No Tobacco Day falls on a Saturday this year, SATA CommHealth hopes the advertisement will strike a chord with many who will be reading the newspapers over the weekend.

In addition, smokers who respond to the advertisement by calling the SATA CommHealth hotline (6244 6688) will receive a complimentary Spirometry test, a common lung function test that can help to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect the lungs and breathing. Spirometry may also be used periodically to check how well your lungs are working once you are being treated for a chronic lung condition. As smokers are at risk of lung conditions like COPD, this test will be beneficial for early detection of any such problems.

This year, the message is targeted at those more vulnerable to picking up smoking, namely the youth. Through the advertisement, they hope to sell the message that there is more to enjoying life than smoking.

There is a rising trend of smoking amongst youths and young female professionals in recent years as seen from the 2010 National Health survey. The prevalence of smoking amongst young Singaporeans aged 18 to 29 has jumped to 16.3% from 12.3% in 2004 – this represents a 33% increase in just six years[1].

SATA CommHealth has also been an advocate of good lung health since its founding years when it treated TB patients island-wide. CEO Dr K Thomas Abraham emphasized that: “As a community healthcare provider, we are concerned about the rising numbers of smokers especially among the youth. Moreover, smoking can lead to serious health problems which can be prevented. Therefore, our newspaper advertisement will help to spread the message to the public that life can be enjoyed without indulging in smoking.”

Recognising the importance of educating the youths early on staying smoke-free, SATA CommHealth has been conducting anti-smoking school talks, smoking intervention workshops and non-residential anti-smoking camps for primary and secondary school students for more than five years now. In 2013, more than 25,000 students attended one or a combination of the smoke-free programmes/activities organized by SATA CommHealth.


About SATA CommHealth
Since its formation in 1947, the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (or SATA) has established itself as a leading organisation for combating tuberculosis (TB) during the post-war years. Led by a founding team of doctors and businessmen/philanthropists, SATA focused on the prevention and treatment of TB as well as the promotion of TB awareness in Singapore during the 1940s and 50s when TB was rampant and posed a national health threat. In its early years, SATA provided out-patient diagnostic and treatment services relating primarily to lung health. By the mid-50s, it started a mobile TB clinic via the legendary ‘SATA Bus’ to treat needy patients who could not afford transport and medical fees to receive the required attention.

As the incidence of TB began falling from the 1960s, SATA extended its outpatient services to treat heart disease and was renamed from Royal Singapore Tuberculosis Clinic to SATA Chest and Heart Clinic to reflect its expanded role. SATA remained active in promoting healthy hearts and lungs by advocating a smoke-free lifestyle through the 1970s and 80s. At the same time it also became a leading provider of statutory health screening (i.e. for pre-employment and pre-enrolment) and primary healthcare services.

Through its four medical centres located in the heartlands of Woodlands, Jurong, Ang Mo Kio and Bedok, three mobile X-ray units, one Mammo-On-Wheels (mobile mammography service) and one Doctor-On-Wheels, SATA continues to provide a comprehensive range of health screening and general practitioner services. It continued to evolve into a major promoter of lifelong health by engaging the community, particularly the needy and elderly. SATA renamed and rebranded itself in 2009 to SATA CommHealth to reflect its interest and focus on community healthcare. In December 2013, SATA CommHealth continues to expand the suite of services to the public with the opening of Jurong East Community Health Centre that provides specialised health tests and physiotherapy services to complement the work of general practitioners in the community.

SATA CommHealth continues to expand its scope of services to meet the healthcare needs of the community in line with its new mission of ‘Promoting lifelong health, serving the community’.
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