NuBody Concepts Launches Online Health Benefits Guide to AquaLipo Liposuction

Memphis and Brentwood, TN Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center Launch Online Consumer Health Benefits to Water Assisted Liposuction

Memphis, TN, June 03, 2014 --( NuBody Concepts of Memphis and Brentwood, TN ( announces their online benefit guide for AquaLipo Liposuction. “AquaLipo also known as water assisted liposuction is gaining in popularity especially as we approach Summer. We find a lot of men and women “inspire desire” as we approach the bathing suit weather. Summer vacations are often planned around consumers having their AquaLipo procedure. Women want to show off their new bikini beach body while men want to expose their new physique and showcase their new abs and buttocks” explains Dr. Trey Emerson, Cosmetic Doctor at NuBody Concepts.

The staff at NuBody Concepts recently launched their online cosmetic procedure guide located at: for AquaLipo where patients can learn more about the health benefits of this non-invasive procedure. Emerson explains “consumers in Tennessee looking for tummy tucks, fat loss in their buttocks, reductions in their arms and thighs should consider the AquaLipo liposuction procedure,” adds Emerson.

This state of the art fat reduction procedure uses the power of water to gently flush away unwanted fat cells. There is traditionally less bruising, swelling and downtime associated with this type of water jet lipo procedure. There are many benefits to using water jet power including protecting the skin, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. These areas are far more protected compared to a traditional liposuction procedure.

“We have many patients come in on their lunch hour for this non-invasive fat loss procedure. Some call it the 'lunch break lipo' while others consider it to be a procedure where they can return to normal activities immediately following,” states Emerson.

Emerson adds, “the health benefits are abundant for this form of water assisted liposuction. Some of them include improved self esteem, improved patient self confidence, desire to eat healthier and exercise to maintain the thinner body, improved relationship with spouse or significant other, improved self image and positive attitude are just some of the health benefits our patients are experiencing from this a water assisted liposuction procedure like AquaLipo.”

NuBody Concepts has two cosmetic surgery centers located in Memphis and Brentwood Tennessee. Their Memphis cosmetic enhancement center is located at 589 Appling Rd Suite 102, Memphis, Tennessee 38133 and their Brentwood, TN body contouring center is located at 1187 Old Hickory Blvd Suite 200, Brentwood,Tennessee 37027.

The cosmetic doctors at NuBody Concepts are available to meet with patients Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm CST. Both men and women are welcome to participate in the body enhancing procedures offered at NuBody Concepts.

Emerson explains, “Men just as much as women also inspire to desire a sexy looking body. We have helped thousands of men and women achieve they look they desire. Some patients are looking to improve their self esteem, some would like to trim down a size or more while others just want to be attractive and desired by their spouse or significant other. It’s all a very personal decision to have a cosmetic procedure done. We do notice though a huge change in people after they have undergone a body contouring session, they tend to have a glow about them and an overall sense of satisfaction and improved self esteem.”

NuBody Concepts offers a variety of body enhancing procedures for the breasts, stomach, thighs, arms, face, neck, hands and buttocks. Some of their procedures include NaturalFill rejuvenation for the face, hands, neck and breast, DOT Therapy and Botox for the face, laser hair removal and WaveSculpt.

To learn more about NuBody Concepts or to schedule a free no-obligation consultation consumers are asked to visit online at or call their Memphis, TN office at 901-235-5753 or the NuBody Concepts Brentwood, TN office at 615-229-5975.
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