HackCollege Announces the First Lifehacking College Podcast

Los Angeles, CA, October 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- To add to its repertoire of lifehacking resources available to college students, HackCollege has begun producing podcast to supplement the already successful blog. The weekly podcast reviews posts on HackCollege, covers posts at other college blogs, discusses academic news, and provides some witty anecdotes. The reception of the podcast has been overwhelmingly positive with several companies, such as Adult Swim and Animoto, sponsoring the show.

The show, hosted by HackCollege founder Kelly Sutton and writer Chris Lesinski, is produced by a newcomer to the HackCollege team, Scott Rowan. At the time of this release, 4 episodes are currently online.

The HackCollege podcast offers visitors of the site yet another resource for lifehacking in the college realm. The visual medium also yields the possibilities of a show-and-tell not possible on the blog medium. In the future, HackCollege will expand its show offerings past the current podcast. Within the next six months, HackCollege will launch at least one more show.

File hosting for the HackCollege Podcast is provided by Amazon S3 Web Service, allowing the podcast to be quickly delivered to viewers around the world.

Michael Sutton