Baby Bibs with Snaps Vs Baby Bibs with Velcro

Fastener Types among the Reasons for Selecting Toddler Bibs.

Beaverton, OR, June 03, 2014 --( Among the most popular types of baby bibs, are those that have snap fasteners and those that are fastened with Velcro. With Maxy Moo Moo having released their Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps for Boys and Girls, parents have yet another snap-fastened option to choose from. However, many will wonder if those attached with Velcro are better.

Judging from online posts, it would seem that snaps are the better choice. One user on Yahoo! Answers asked whether it was better to use snaps or Velcro to make her baby bibs and 7 out of 9 persons who answered preferred snaps. Among the reasons they gave for their choice, were that Velcro wore out and lost its effectiveness after repeated use. Others pointed out the tendency for babies to pull on their bibs and indicated that Velcro came off too easily.

“Totally snaps. Velcro is too easy from them to pull off, so snaps all the way then they cannot pull them off. I always go for my bibs with snaps now, my son will just pull off the Velcro ones,” pointed out one of the responses.

Reviewers of Maxy Moo Moo’s baby bibs have also been weighing in with their comments as to which they prefer and why they bought theirs.

“Snaps are so much better than Velcro (which does havoc on the laundry). Super cute packaging. Bright colors, fabric washes well. This would make an excellent baby gift, if you can bear to part with it. I'm selfishly keeping mine,” commented Bryn in her Amazon review.

Velcro is a popular fastener for clothes and other items and is made up of strips of plastic covered with tiny hooks and loops. Velcro is versatile and easy to use. When it comes on to baby bibs, however, the problems often pointed out by parents, have to do with the fact that they fasten to other fabrics when placed in the washing machine and also its tendency to scratch on baby’s skin.

Snaps or snap fasteners, on the other hand, consist of a pair of interlocking discs (metal or plastic) which stay fastened together until force is applied to pry them apart. The amount of force needed to open them is often beyond what young babies can exert and for this reason, they are popular choices for baby clothing.

The Waterproof Baby Bibs by Maxy Moo Moo, available on Amazon, carry snap fasteners rather than Velcro and many customers are highlighting that feature as a reason for their purchase.
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Samuel Thomas