Fedora 20 Now Available on Mininodes.com

Mininodes.com, a hosted ARM microserver solution provider, is the first company to offer a hosted Fedora on ARM solution.

Phoenix, AZ, June 05, 2014 --(PR.com)-- miniNodes.com is proud to announce that it is the first provider to offer a leased Red Hat compatible ARM Server. By running Fedora version 20 on ARM Cortex processors, miniNodes.com is pioneering RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) compatible hosted ARM servers. Fedora 20 is the most recent version of Fedora, a Linux operating system focused on leading-edge technologies, innovation, and security.

This milestone is significant for several reasons. First, Fedora 20 includes native support for ARM processors, which is a planned feature of the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 release. This allows developers and administrators to test out their software and applications prior to the release of RHEL 7, on a compatible platform.

Second, ARM Servers are projected to capture a sizable portion of the datacenter and server market share in the coming years, as their energy efficiency and low cost of both purchase and ownership threaten to disrupt the industry. ARM Holdings is aiming for 10% of the market by 2017 (reference). With that much of the industry running on ARM processors, IT executives and staff need to ensure they are prepared for the future.

Finally, this milestone is significant as it brings an entirely new hardware/software combination to the hosted server industry, and demonstrates miniNodes.com’s commitment and leadership to the microserver, ARM Server, and low-power cloud computing market.

More information on the Fedora Project can be located on their website, http://www.fedoraproject.org

More information on ARM Holdings can be located on their website, http://www.arm.com

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