Anviz Links Latest Device, M5, With IFSEC UK 2014

Anviz Global is launching its newest innovation, M5. The access-control device utilizes fingerprint- RFID readers for subject identification. The official launch coincides with the IFSEC UK exhibition.

Tampa, FL, June 05, 2014 --( Anviz Global, a world-wide leader in the security sector, is releasing its latest innovation onto the market in June 2014. The release of the biometric-access control device, M5, coincides perfectly with the IFSEC UK exhibition in London, England.

M5 is designed with an extremely durable exterior. The vandal resistant metal housing, and certified IP65 rating makes the device ideal for indoor or outdoor installation. Additionally, a built-in RFID reader adds an additional element of greater security. 26/32 Wiegand allows for greater integration with external access control coordinating devices. For further security, a vandal alarm ensures that attempts to damage or destroy the device will not go quietly or unnoticed. M5 does not require any sort of sunlight-protective barrier or shield to ensure the proper functioning of the fingerprint-reading pad. As no protective barrier is required, it allows for greater flexibility when reading fingerprints. The device can read moist or slightly wet fingerprints, which is especially useful when used outdoors.

Along with no-touch RFID identification capabilities, the M5 provides almost instantaneous subject recognition. The device requires only a few seconds to identify each individual. The device employs a unique algorithm, BioNano, that has been developed by Anviz engineers. The algorithm helps the M5 extract the unique features within the fingerprint of each employee. This information is then stored within the device. The unique features of every individual are then matched with each employee as they attempt to gain access via the M5. Every time a subject uses their finger to register on the device the algorithm stores the image. If the newest fingerprint template is a more complete picture than the previous one that was saved, the machine will automatically update the template inside the device. Once read, the M5 can store up to 100 000 records. Despite all of these features, the M5 maintains a compact design and can be installed on almost any surface. Combine these features with affordable pricing, and M5 becomes ideal for small and medium sized businesses.

“Consumers have been looking for a reliable and effective stand-alone security device that is economical and stylish. Anviz has responded by creating M5, a compact device that adds the element of increased security,” said Felix Fu, Product Manager at Anviz.

M5 is available exclusively through Anviz's Global Partner Program. Contact your Anviz distributor or for more details, or visit

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