Indodrill Partners with Mulraney Group to Extend Its Market Reach

The Indodrill Group is pleased to announce its expansion into the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) regions through its joint venture with Mulraney Group.

Singapore, Singapore, June 05, 2014 --( The Indodrill Group is pleased to announce its expansion into the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) regions. This development is the result of the establishment of a joint venture with the Mulraney Group, a Scottish consortium that owns, amongst other businesses, the GeoSonic Drilling Limited.

Under the terms of the 50/50 joint venture, Indodrill will be primarily responsible for providing diamond and reverse circulation (RC) drilling rigs, supplies and technical support for the EMEA Joint Venture. The Mulraney Group will provide project management, drilling staff, warehousing and maintenance facilities. The Mulraney Group will manage the operations of the EMEA joint venture from its headquarters in Alloa, Scotland.

The establishment of the joint venture follows the strategic alliance formed between Indodrill and the Mulraney Group in September 2013, which enabled Indodrill to offer GeoSonic’s sonic drilling services to customers throughout Southeast Asia and Australia. Sonic drilling uses a specially designed drilling process relying on high frequency vibratory forces that allows for the recovery of high quality samples in ground conditions where conventional drilling methods struggle to obtain a continuous core sample. The alliance enables Indodrill to offer GeoSonic’s rigs and expertise to customers across Southeast Asia and Australia. That alliance will continue to operate between the two companies.

Indodrill owns over ninety underground and surface diamond and RC rigs and provides drilling services to the minerals industry across eight countries in Southeast Asia and Australia. The Company also owns fabrication facilities in Philippines and Indonesia where it designs, engineers and manufactures drilling rigs and drilling supplies.

The Mulraney Group has an excellent track record for providing sonic drilling services throughout Europe.

The establishment of the EMEA Joint Venture is integral to Indodrill’s medium-term plans to provide its high-quality, innovative and competitive drilling services to the minerals industry across the globe. Its clients will now have access to safety-focused, cost-effective, professional drilling services from a company with a proven track record of client-focused performance with over twenty years of experience…

John Horne, Managing Director of Indodrill, commented, “Our plans to provide drilling services beyond the Southeast Asian and Australian regions have now been realised, thanks to the partnership we have formed with the Mulraney Group. We believe this is an excellent time and opportunity to expand into the EMEA regions and, importantly, have identified the Mulraney Group as the ideal partners to undertake this expansion with. The Mulraney Group has an exceptional track record for providing sonic drilling services and shares Indodrill’s values for operating with safety, quality, innovation, integrity, the environment and accountability at the forefront of everything it does.”

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