Gatekeeper Systems® Announces the New SmartWheel® 2.0QS Shopping Cart Containment Wheel

The most robust and technologically advanced locking wheel available keeps advancing.

Irvine, CA, June 06, 2014 --( Gatekeeper Systems, The Leading Provider of Intelligent Cart Solutions, introduces the most innovative and robust locking shopping cart wheel available on the market; the new SmartWheel® 2.0QS. Continuing to be the unsurpassed leader for cart containment solutions, Gatekeeper has taken its most high-tech locking wheel to the next level of performance and reliability. Retailers will experience all the aspects appreciated from the current SmartWheel with the benefits from new features such as an even lower lifetime cost and a warranty which is years beyond any other wheel on the market.

Providing an effective shopping cart protection solution with minimal maintenance and a low lifetime cost, the new SmartWheel 2.0QS locking wheel solution will transform retailer’s current asset protection programs. The new technology from Gatekeeper Systems changes the way retailers’ keep merchandise on store property, while most importantly – making their jobs easier. SmartWheel 2.0QS is the only completely sealed locking wheel solution on the market and fits virtually any standard cart. The more robust wheel design increases weatherproofing and eliminates the potential for improper wheel servicing. With a custom battery, designed to withstand the vigor of day-to-day use – service needs and associated parts costs will be reduced.

Gatekeeper’s commitment to reliability and robustness in its next generation wheel is further demonstrated with the SmartWheel 2.0QS’ wheel warranty - boasting five times the industry standard. Advancements such as the custom designed battery allow Gatekeeper to reach new warranty heights, while Gatekeeper’s patented internal locking mechanism which minimizes the possibility of wheel jamming caused from debris, snow, and/or tampering, further backs its dedication to its customers’ desire for the most effective cart containment solution, with the lowest lifetime cost.

Engineered to not only protect assets but to maximize retail productivity, the SmartWheel 2.0QS wheel allows valuable data communication sharing with Gatekeeper Systems’ GNet™ online dashboard solution giving the retailer immediate visibility and monitoring capabilities of its cart fleet and system health from a corporate view all the way to a store level. SmartWheel 2.0QS’ advanced technology works with multiple loss prevention solutions including CartControl® cart containment and purchek® pushout theft prevention. These features are supported by Gatekeeper’s standard system benefits including one and two wheel containment options, optional unlocking capabilities, wireless solutions, and the ability to work in multiple store environments be it outdoors, indoor, or on any floor surface. Out with the old standards, in with the new; the SmartWheel 2.0QS forward thinking wheel design has progressed the cart containment and loss prevention industry to new standards – maximizing retailers profits while minimizing the hassle.

About Gatekeeper Systems
Gatekeeper Systems has become the market leader in the shopping cart containment sector, with its solutions protecting over two million shopping carts worldwide. Gatekeeper has eight international locations and its solutions can be found in 49 states in the U.S. and in 47 countries throughout the world. Gatekeeper‘s product suite of intelligent cart solutions offers retailers innovative technology for stores to minimize merchandise loss and reduce asset and labor expenditures. Its loss prevention and cart containment solutions utilize RF and locking wheel technology to reduce shrink by putting an end to shopping cart based shoplifting and shopping cart loss. Cart management solutions increase safety and reduce labor costs by maximizing productivity while simultaneously resulting in a positive store image. Gatekeeper has been committed to quality products backed by expansive service and support capabilities for over 16 years. For more information, please visit
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