Revolutionizes How Small Businesses Choose the Right Merchant Account Provider

Dallas, TX, June 10, 2014 --( With so many options (and competition), looking for a good reputable merchant account provider has become a tedious task to say the least. Well all that has changed. announced today that they've completely revolutionized the way the small business owner chooses their merchant provider. You can now go to one website, submit your information and they will match your specific business with the right merchant account provider. Within minutes you'll receive quotes from up to 3 reputable and compliant providers. has done all their due-dilligence on the back end to ensure you're not dealing with a less than stellar merchant account provider. President Randall Abbe stated, "For years now business owners have really gotten taken advantage of by shady merchant account providers. We feel that with all of the due-dilligence our company does on our partners, the business owner can now feel confident they're making the best decision possible. We take that fear of being screwed over (for lack of a better term) away and eliminate any worry." He goes on to add, "The best thing about our service is it's absolutely free to our customers. Research shows that when a business owner is looking for a merchant account provider they'll call a minimum of 4 different companies and spend over a total of 5 hours with phone calls and doing their own research. Now you can focus on your business and let someone else do all the work for you." Bottom line is has changed the way not only how business owners find the right company but also how the merchant providers solicit new potential customers. Next time you're looking for a new merchant account provider let work for you.
Matt Wilson