Digital Sign Technologies is Releasing a Strengthening Post-Treatment Product for 3D Printed Parts

Digital Sign Technologies is releasing UV curable resin called PolyRes, a finishing product that can be applied to 3D printed parts to make them stronger and more durable.

Toronto, Canada, June 17, 2014 --( To add to their growing collection of 3D printing consumables, Digital Sign Technologies is releasing a brand new finishing product, PolyRes, for the surface treatment of 3D printed parts.

3D printing gives great diversity and flexibility in the complexity of the parts that can be produced, however due to the powder-sealing process, 3D printing produces models that can be fragile and easily susceptible to damage. To address this issue, Canada Powder is releasing a finishing product that can be applied to 3D printed parts that makes them stronger, harder and more durable, improving their use and longevity.

The product, after application with a brush, spray or by dipping, can be cured by exposure sunlight or a UV light source with the wavelength between 365 nm and 395 nm. The printed part should be baked at around 150°F to remove excess moisture prior to application of the curable resin, and baked again after UV curing. After treatment, the part can be sanded, painted or just put on display. There is no waste during the process, because PolyRes is fully reusable until it’s UV-cured. It won’t dry in the air and it won’t cure indoors under incandescent lighting. Essentially, this saves businesses resources, time and money by reducing costs associated with damages to the 3D printed products.

Digital Sign Technologies has been delivering alternative printing consumables for the past 15 years. It pioneered printing inks for wide-format printers, cartridge chip solutions, bulk ink feeding solutions, and print head recovery systems.
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Vladimir Galentovsky