Canada Powder Releases a Newly Formulated 3D Printing Powder for Zcorp and ProJet X60 Powder Based Printers

Canada Powder is releasing a newly formulated CP-518 3D modelling powder, with an improved formula for Zcorp and ProJet x60 powder based printers. It’s chemically unique, is fast setting and shows great strength, and has tested to be equal in many parameters to OEM powder at a fraction of the price. - May 18, 2016

New Upgrades Boost Performance of Print Head Doctor Machines

Digital Sign Technologies Inc., with over 15 years in the wide-format printing industry, has redesigned its flagship product Print Head Doctor to be controlled from mobile devices and connected to the cloud. They are adding new upgrade options to their machines to improve the user experience. - May 04, 2016

Innovative New Product by Canada Powder Saves Money and Time for 3D Printing Business Owners

Canada Powder, a subsidiary of Digital Sign Technologies, is releasing a brand new product that provides a sleek, easy to use and mess-free way to refill binder cartridges for Zcorp and ProJet x60 Printers, with the brand new 3D Cartridge Filler and Refill Kit. - May 27, 2015

Epson Print Head Recovery Made Easy

Digital Sign Technologies Inc. is releasing cartridges for on-the-printer print head cleaning, maintenance and recovery. - July 31, 2014

DST Launches New Textile Inks on DyeSub.Ink

New website www.DyeSub.Ink is launched with a brand new product line of dye sublimation inks, with specially formulated degassed ink that shows great output quality without clogging or damaging print heads. - July 25, 2014

Canada Powder Releases Updated and Re-Designed Version of Their 3D Printing Consumables

Digital Sign Technologies is releasing Canada Powder’s new plaster-free CP-516 3D Printing Powder and new color binders, with a re-designed plaster-free formula that runs smoothly on all models of Z Corp™ and 3D Systems’ ProJet™ x60 printers. - July 05, 2014

Digital Sign Tech is Releasing Alternative Ink Bags for Mutoh Valuejet 1624 & 1638

Digital Sign Technologies is releasing alternative ink bags for Valuejet 1624 and 1638 with eco-solvent ink. - June 18, 2014

Digital Sign Technologies is Releasing a Strengthening Post-Treatment Product for 3D Printed Parts

Digital Sign Technologies is releasing UV curable resin called PolyRes, a finishing product that can be applied to 3D printed parts to make them stronger and more durable. - June 17, 2014

Innovative Print Head Storage Fluid

A unique product is released for the Inkjet industry for printhead storage, flushing and transportation. It simplifies the process of fluid changeover in printheads, prevents them from drying out during a long-term storage, and increases the longevity of printheads. - May 30, 2014

New Money-Saving 3D Printing Consumables by Canada Powder

New cost-effective 3D printing materials are hitting the market. Improved chemistry and great quality, these alternative consumables make durable models at the fraction of the cost of OEM materials. - May 23, 2014

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