Women Who Run It Shares Lessons on Luxurious Lifestyles and Gives Money Advice

In Women Who Run It's latest issue readers can learn how to handle their money without the complications that comes with it and to take control of their debts.

Toronto, Canada, June 14, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Women Who Run It, the e-magazine for strong, empowered, driven women, has a readership of women who can bring home the bacon. That’s why the expression, “more money, more problems” may loom over their heads every day. Women Who Run It is here to let them know that their money doesn’t have to be a problem and that they can live the lifestyle they deserve to live without the complications that having money brings.

In the Feature Natalie Pace is sharing the lessons she’s learned from a woman living in a “Great Gatsby” lifestyle. She will help readers find out how one woman went from living a luxurious lifestyle, to losing it all, and how she survived it with her marriage in tact.

In the Check It Out Natalie Pace continues to give readers valuable financial advice. In her book the ABC’s of Money readers can learn how to make the money they’ve always wanted without the headache that comes with it.

Finally, in the Editor’s Rant Women Who Run It readers learn how to take control of their debts and to pay them off without a lot of money.

All this and more in the next issue of Women Who Run It!

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