Dormco’s New Line of Gift Packs, the 12 Days of College, Feature Themed Dorm Room Supplies

Online dorm supplies superstore has added a new line of gifts packs for high school graduates, called The 12 Days of College. Each gift pack has a theme pertaining to different types of dorm supplies that incoming college students need. According to DormCo, these packs are an all-inclusive gift perfect for graduates.

Buffalo, NY, June 17, 2014 --(, the premier online vendor for college dorm supplies, introduced The 12 Days of College, a new line of gift boxes, to its package inventory this week. June is a month filled with high school graduations, and DormCo knows shopping for high school graduates can be difficult. The 12 Days of College gift packs offer a variety of themed gift boxes made for recent graduates and incoming college students.

“Many people want to buy grads new stuff for their dorm rooms, but sometimes it’s hard for people to gauge exactly what a new college student needs,” said Jeff Gawronski, founder of DormCo. “We take the guess work out of graduate gift shopping with this new line. Each themed box has dorm supplies a student will actually need and use in college.”

From gift boxes featuring dorm cooking accessories to dorm security essentials, DormCo covers the dorm basics. The least expansive gift pack, “Comfort in the Details,” focuses on those little extras that make the transition to college easier, according to DormCo. This pack comes with dorm decorating cling tape, an underbed storage unit, towel hangers, a hamper, a closet belt organizer and a DormCo Gift Card.

“With this gift box, we wanted to include small items that make a big difference in a dorm room,” Gawronski said. “It’s the little touches and basic accessories that make a dorm room feel more like home.”

The highest-cost gift box, called “The Dean’s List,” includes a grand total of 22 items. Focusing on dorm room study supplies, this gift box includes study essentials, like a book light, stapler set and a calculator, according to DormCo.

“’The Dean’s List’ goes way beyond pens and highlighters,” said Gawronski. “While those items are included, we also added fun study accessories that will help students be more organized, like the Point It Out Tape. It literally points a finger at important information, instead of just highlighting it. Dorm supplies like that actually help students do well in college and have fun studying.”

Besides study sessions and small comforts, the 12 Days of College gift packs themes include forgotten essentials, sleep accessories, dorm shower necessities, laundry, dorm décor and first aid. The 12 Days of College gift packs, along with other dorm room packages, are available for purchase on For more information, and to have any questions answered, please contact DormCo at or 888-925-2899.
Keith Gillogly