Texas-Based Start-Up Might Have the Final Answer to the Junk Mail Battle

The HomeE Digital Ad Platform is the First Real Alternative to Print Media.

Dallas, TX, June 15, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail every year. 44% goes to the landfill unopened (41pounds.org). This adds up to a 100-million trees a year destroyed to produce junk mail. Consumers now have options to opt out of junk mail but retailers continue to use print media campaigns to reach their target audiences.

The key missing factor is the lack of a digital platform that lets retailers reach their target audience, usually defined by cities, zip codes, neighborhoods and other geographical criteria.

“Search engines do a great job of helping the consumer find local retailers by name or keyword search,” says Mir Ali, CEO and Co-Founder of Hum Tum, Inc. “But it is still very difficult the other way around for retailers to reach their local target market digitally. SEO optimization, mobile ads and email marketing fall far short of delivering the results a traditional print media campaign does when it comes to targeted advertisements within a few miles radius. The local dry-cleaning store, pharmacy, flower shop and grocery store need a digital platform that lets them reach their target audience which is usually within a 5 to 10 mile radius. Junk mail will not end until there is an alternate platform available to the retailers.”

This digital platform that reaches every household in United States is The HomeE. It is a free 10" touchscreen device that brings all aspects of family life onto one simple screen with built-in calendar sharing, meal planning, messaging, news/weather alerts, kids chores, shared shopping lists and much more. It even has a built-in video camera that lets you make free video calls to any other HomeE user in the country.

The average family today owns more than 3 phones and gadgets and uses multiple apps and tools to manage different aspects of family life. The HomeE brings all these apps and tools into one holistic solution that works across all mobile phones and gadgets and is the digital hub for the family life. Another great advantage is that families will no longer have to share their personal information with many different companies for each app or tool they want to use.

“It’s a great win-win-win situation!” says Mir.

The Consumer: Allows the consumer to be in touch with local retailers, save money and organize their family life.

The Retailer: Allows the local retailer to reach their target audience and compete with national brands.

The Environment: Helps save millions of trees a year! Imagine the amount of junk mail, door hangers and coupons that don't need to be printed anymore with a HomeE in every household.

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