Insurance Care Direct Triples Sales Productivity with

Hosted dialers and new lead response management technologies triple sales revenue for online health insurance provider.

Provo, UT, October 18, 2007 --( The health insurance industry has become an internet battleground the last few years. Technology, customer service, immediate response, and lead generation helps Insurance Care Direct maintain its spot as 5th largest online provider of health insurance for United Healthcare as well as offering the best health insurance coverage for such providers as Aetna, Humana, Assurant, and others.

Insurance Care Direct’s national call centers are quite a force to reckon with, but coupled with a hosted dialer and lead response management technologies from and you have a team that is scratching a new high mark on the wall.

“Our reps have tripled individual sales productivity since implementing multiple dialer solutions from”, says Seth Cohen, VP of Operations for Insurance Care Direct. He goes on, “we are also making sales that didn’t exist before with email drip campaigns and auto-responders, though we are only utilizing about 40% of what offers.”

Insurance Care Direct moved away from a competitor to go with because their solution was much more tailored to the needs of the health insurance industry. With electronic transfer capabilities already in place with many lead providers, the lead management solution allows leads to be called immediately and provides reporting capabilities for both sales status and call data in the same interface.

One feature that has proved especially effective is the ability to leave pre-recorded voice messages when lead respondents don’t answer. And recent speed and system enhancements have continued to put in a class by itself, “they can’t even be compared to anyone else,” says Mr. Cohen, “and the sales and support teams are a pleasure to work with.”

“Insurance Care Direct is fast becoming one of our best examples of what this new lead response management technology can do, ” says Ken Krogue, President and co-founder of

Ken continues, “Our Power Dialer is especially designed to assist live representatives as they call expensive web leads to avoid the annoying pauses and abandoned calls caused by predictive dialers. Our net result is much higher because we don’t churn through lists without regard for the prospective customer and the sales rep. Because we triple the volume of calls and voice messages, yet personalize the experience for every prospect, our customers are seeing leaps of productivity in the insurance industry.” is busy securing its leadership position in the insurance lead management industry with electronic ties to most leading insurance lead providers, data structure designed specifically for insurance resellers, and telephony power tools designed to help customers follow up faster and more consistently than the competition. It’s hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and SIP dialer architecture and price point place it within reach of both large and small agencies.

Insurance Care Direct has set a daunting goal in front of its team; to become the leading ‘one-stop shop’ for health and life insurance, even for those applicants with pre-existing conditions. With as a partner and more capabilities coming online every day, they are a player in the insurance industry you should watch closely.

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ABS Health Inc. and its subsidiary, Insurance Care Direct, provide the public with a simplified way of obtaining the best health insurance coverage. Insurance Care Direct represents the largest health insurance carriers in the nation and is a true "one-stop shop" for health insurance. Insurance Care Direct is dedicated to a no-nonsense approach, focusing on giving you the best insurance coverage you need in a timely and cooperative manner and at an affordable cost.

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