Business-Inform 2014 Virtual Exhibition Begins Its Work

On 9th of June 2014 Business-Inform 2014 Virtual Exhibition began its work.

Moscow, Russia, June 18, 2014 --( It was developed by specialists of Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Moscow) within the framework of Business-Inform Informational Project, and it is presented on the Agency’s web-site in Russian and English. The aim of the virtual exhibition is to present Business-Inform 2014 International Exhibition Exhibitors, their products, solutions, ideas, news, and commercial offers.

Business-Inform 2014 Virtual Exhibition is based upon the floor map of the exhibitors’ booths of Business-Inform 2014 International Exhibition, which took place on 20–22 of May, in the pavilion #69 of All-Russia Exhibition Center (Moscow). 74 companies from Russia, China, USA, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, and Poland took part in the Exhibition. The products exhibited on the booths, demonstrations of modern technical, technological, and software solutions attracted more than 1500 visitors from Russia Japan, France, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Estonia, and Moldova. The considerable interest that visitors expressed towards the information presented on the Exhibition is evident, as well as evident is the need for timely technical and technological exhibitors’ novelties presentation on the Russian market without waiting for the next exhibition in 2015. It is for the solving of urgent presentation tasks of Business-Inform 2014 exhibitors’ new products that this virtual exhibition was made.

Now by clicking on the image of any of the presented booths shown of the floor map a visitor can get onto the virtual booth of the exhibitor, containing all necessary contact information, company’s products description, and the whole bundle of additional information sent by the exhibitor to the Business-Inform Agency for placing on the virtual booth (all services regarding translation, preprocessing and information placement on the virtual booth are performed by the Information Agency “Business-Inform” specialists for free).

Business-Inform 2014 Virtual Exhibition will continue its work until April 2015.
Sergei Zubkov
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